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Jul 4, 2007 09:09 PM

Best sub sandwiches

I was in Atlantic City last weekend and had the pleasure of eating at the famous White House Sub Shop. It was the best sub sandwich I've had in a very long time, maybe the best ever. I think what really made it stand out was the quality of the bread, which was superb. (Unlike most sandwich rolls which are usually pretty tasteless with a bad texture). Is there anyplace in the city that does a great sub with quality meats and excellent bread?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Heroes! They're called Heroes. There's an Italian butcher on 13th Ave by 79th Street (not the one on 13th Ave between 80th & 81st) in Dyker Heights that's pretty decent. I believe the C-Town across the street on 13th Ave and 80th still makes great heroes, although it's been over 10 years since I've been there. DeFontes on Columbia and Commerce/Luquer is good as well. A&S and Pollio's on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. Some other places are good with the fillings but the bread will be the standard powdery like Italian/French bread.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give them a try. But man, I hate that cottony Italian/French bread.

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            Let me join in sharing the pain. Best bread I remember having on a hero was at the Italian Food Center. I know, I know, its in Manhattan, but here is the point: I go in one day and ask him, "your bread is so great where do you get it?". he says:"Brooklyn." I say: " where do you get it from in Brooklyn?". He just stares at me, evaluates whether he should even give me the dignity of a reply, and then responds: "Brooklyn". Enough said.

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              The Italian Food Center has since been sold, and is a shadow of its former self. I don't know where they get their bread from now, and whether or not it's in Brooklyn, but wherever it is it's pretty bad.

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          LOL... I went to school in Philly. When I first heard the word, "Hoagies"
          I thought it was the name of the school's mascot! lol! Then I heard them referred to as "Grinders"You don't want to know what I thought..:-}
          I'd have to second your recc RE: DeFonte's and both A&S Pork store locations.
          There is also a Deli on the corner of 44 th or 45th St and 4th Ave that is always surrounded by worker's trucks so you know the sandwiches must be delicious.

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            I was watching Mean Streets on cable yesterday and one of the scenes took place in front of Keitel's characters uncle's coffee shop advertising both "heroes and heros". So I know I'm justified in my vigilance of the term. I will take a look at that deli on 4th and 45th in Sunset. Just as aside, I'm pretty sure a lot of delis, supermarkets, butchers,etc, so not skimp on the filling. I believe the OP is more concerned about the quality of Italian and French bread used for heroes. One surprise is the Met Food on Vanderbilt and Park Pl. The meat is strictly standard Boars Head, however, they do make their own rolls, ciabiata (did I spell that right) and heroes.

        2. Sal, Kris & Charlie's on 23rd St. in Astoria Queens. I also second DeFonte's, especially their roast beef hero. I'm not quite sure what you're describing in terms of bread, but both of these places use really good Italian loaves fresh from the bakery that morning.

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            I second SK&C's, but I believe they're on 23 Ave and 33rd St. I hghly recommend their Italian hero.

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              You're correct. I screwed up the address.

          2. United Meats on PPW in Windsor Terrace will make sandwiches on any of the bread they sell & one option is a nice, crusty Italian loaf (don't know where it comes from).

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            1. re: JenMarie66

              I didn't know United did that. They're a great store. What do you think of Terrace Bagels? Hero wise.

              1. re: bigmackdaddy

                I like United heros* much better. Best way to order: pick the bread you want from the small pile near the garlic & hand it to one of the counter guys & tell them what you'd like in your sandwich. One of the big Italian loaves makes 2 pretty big heros, but if you're sandwiching alone, they'll split the loaf for you & just make one. I haven't ordered a classic loaded Italian hero from them (I assume they can do them) but they make a great ham & cheese. For me, better than Terrace Bagels.

                *(i grew up calling them subs, but I like to think of myself as multilingual when it comes to sandwich IDing, so I'll use heros)

            2. Panentico on 3rd ave and 91st? Bay Ridge Brooklyn. They are run by the Royal Crown Bakery so their bread is top notch. They make their own Mozz. daily and Soppresata (next door at Piazza Mercato which is also great). Best sandwiches I've ever had and a huge selection.