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Jul 4, 2007 08:45 PM

dinner for 8 in downtown Baltimore

I need somewhere to go after an Orioles game in B'more. good food but not too pricy. downtown or Fells Point would be good.

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for? Any restrictions?

    1. Without knowing price, The Wine Market on Fort Avenue is good - nice outdoor patio. There are great bars in Canton/Fells Point. You could try Claddaugh's Pub, Cosmopolitan, Coburn's - all on the square in Canton - Kooper's Tavern in Fells Point or One Eyed Mikes - more bar types although they do have real food.

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      1. re: jgail

        looking for Italian, Greek or American. not really looking for bars. we have one vegetarian so need to have options for him.

        1. re: startsev

          Kali's Court Mezze on Thames St in Fells Point has excellent Greek-inspired small plates. Lebanese Taverna on President St in Inner Harbor East has excellent Lebanese (similar to Greek) small plates. Both are moderately priced with plenty of tasty vegetarian options.

          1. re: startsev

            If you don't mind the walk - and on game day, it can be faster than sitting in a cab in traffic - Little Italy is the first place I think of, given your pref's. It's a walk around the harbor from Camden Yards. Further a field (10 min drive) is Greektown. I'd search the boards for recommendations for both. Little Italy has a homepage with restaurants listed. Like any city though, you'll find die-hard fans each establishment, so the atmosphere and price point will probably be your deciding factor.

        2. I just read about a place in Fell's Point called Henninger's Tavern. is anyone familiar with it? is it any good. it's highly rated on Zagats.

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          1. re: startsev

            Henninger's is a favorite on here. Do a search.

            1. re: startsev

              Better check and see if they take reservations, because in my experience you're SOL if you try to just walk in. I've tried the walk in thing three times with no more than three people each time, and have been told each time that the wait will be at least 45 minutes. Granted, this was once on a Thursday, once Friday and once Saturday. So I've learned my lesson now. I'm not gonna try again until I have a lazy middle-of-the-week-night with LOTS of free time.

              1. re: charmedgirl

                They only take reservations for their large table in the back which I believe seats 8 people - call them, the food is great!

                1. re: hon

                  just called and they are closed on Sundays! Still looking for recommendations. I thought I had found my place.

                  1. re: startsev

                    Sorry! Didn't know you were looking for sunday!

                    1. re: startsev

                      You could easily try Pazo, it's owned by Cidy Wolf, the chef thats in charge at Petit Louis and Charleston. They handle parties really well. The bill could be easily affordable or as high as the stars, just depends on your palate. Try the pizzas and the calamari

              2. Salt is excellent - only takes reservations for large parties - small restaurant - it is located on Pratt Street in Butcher's hill.

                1. How About
                  Tio Pepes (depends on what pricey means)
                  Hull Stret Blues(very casual..local pub)
                  The Brewers Art (great beers and rosemary fries)
                  Ikarros in Greektown(great fried calamari)
                  Acropolis in Greektown