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Jul 4, 2007 08:16 PM

stampede pancake breakfast

Visiting Calgary during Stampede week. First time for my husband and son. Who puts out a great stampede pancake breakfast? I'd love to introduce my family to this fine Calgary tradition!

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  1. Ya know, I've never been to one of these things. But aren't they all pretty much the same?

    EDITED because look what I found:

    1. I guess they are a lot the same, if you've lived here forever, but for someone looking to introduce folks, I'd suggest the Chinook Centre one (July 7, as found on Google but it never hurts to call) or the Rope Square, downtown (every day during Stampede still?). Both have entertainment and tons of folks, but the Rope Square has the added fun of being served the pancakes from the chuckwagon. Haven't been to a lot of these in recent years, but the last one I went to was at North Hill Shopping Centre, and it was authentic to my memories of growing up here....Enjoy!

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        If Rope Square (daily in Olympic Plaza starting Saturday) continues their downward slide from previous years, you'd be better off with griddle scrapings from other breakfasts.

        Yes, you get breakfast off the chuckwagon, and yes, the entertainment is the best of any breakfast in the city. (Except the handful of poor Fluor employees who have to dress as clowns and harass people waiting in the excessive lines.)

        The typical "breakfast" here is a single pancake, with a half piece of bacon (yes, not even a full piece) cooked in the middle.

        No, that's it.

        Not even syrup or butter or juice or coffee. Or plates or cutlery; they hand you the pancake on a napkin.

        Don't get me wrong; there's entertainment (you may be interested in trying to get a ride on one of the old time rigs - details are here: http://www.stampede-downtownattractio... and the entertainment schedule is here: http://www.stampede-downtownattractio... ) and there are lots of folks (although -- not that I blame them -- a sizable contingent of homeless and otherwise marginalized folks are included). It's an okay thing to do en route to the grounds; it's just the chintziest breakfast on the planet.

      2. you know - last year i had very tasty pancakes at the city tv breakfast. That was the only one i made it to last year.

        too many people at chinook at the best of times, i only have fear of the stampede breakfast...

        1. ideally, you'll want to crash a corporate stampede breakfast or bbq lunch, because the quality of the food will likely be better as the company tries to impress it's clients. we used to go to one in the NE every year where this japanese company would fly in its execs from japan for the spectacle (it was a bit incongruous to see them all decked out in stampede gear...) pancakes, sausages, bacon, juice, coffee, bands. definitely tasty. just drive slowly through the city's commercial/warehouse areas and you're bound to stumble upon something... you might even be able to score a bbq with steaks and beer if you're lucky.

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            Agreed. The ones held by building management companies downtown are quite impressive as well. My favorites are Sun Life Plaza - usually a hot dog, hamburger, beans, and ice cream, Petro Canada - pancakes, sausage, beef on a bun, and 5th Avenue Place breakfast. They're usually done for their tenants, but heck, we join in on the lineup anyways.

            I've managed to score some private invitations this year from our suppliers - sorry, I can't share.

            Edit: This just showed up in my inbox. Apologies for the lack of formatting.

            All are downtown locations:

            Mon Texaco 3rd st & 5 Ave Breakfast
            Mon McDougal 6 St & 4 Ave Breakfast
            Mon AMA 8 Ave & 5 St Breakfast
            Mon Sunlife 4 Ave & Centre St Lunch
            Tue Bantrel 7 St & 6 Ave Breakfast
            Tue TCPL 5 Ave & 1St Breakfast
            Tue Petro 6 Ave & 1St Lunch
            Wed Gulf Canada 9 Ave & 3St Breakfast
            Wed Radisson 6 St & 7 Ave Breakfast
            Thu Shell 4 Ave & 3St Breakfast
            Fri 5 Ave Place 5 Ave & 2st Breakfast

          2. If your are in the southwest ,the breakfast at Wm Roper Hull Home on Woodpark Blvd is one of the best, lotsa things for kids,and good entertainment. Its the first Tues of Spampede week