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What to do with Wasabi?

Cleaned the fridge today and found a tube of wasabi. What can I use this for? Don't have any sushi at the moment. Any thoughts?

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  1. It can be used to add a bit of spice to mashed potatoes, mayo, and mixed into pasta and potato salads.

    1. Squeeze some into your next stirfry. Add to mayo for a roast beef sandwich (it's horseradish, after all!). Bloody Mary mix, anyone? Or even use it to create a cocktail sauce-like dip for shrimp. etc.

      1. Part of the sauce (tare) for cold buckwheat noodles.

        1. mix in with some mayo and use on grilled fish/chicken

          1. add some to some fresh guacamole with a touch of soy sauce and serve with rice crackers.


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              <latte shoots out nose>

              Japanachos. If CH keeps this up, the recipe notebook will need a dedicated page for guacamole incarnations. Come to think of it.....

            2. I like to make a sauce for steak using sour cream, a clove of minced garlic and wasabi to taste.

              This is one of my favorite pork chop recipes which also calls for wasabi paste...


              1. Put a dab in a salad dressing of lime juice and fish sauce.

                1. Mix some into a little bit of whipping cream to blend, then add more whipping cream and beat until stiff. It makes a good topping to seared ahi (or grilled halibut or swordfish) - light and with a kick!

                  1. My friend makes wasabi devilled eggs - they are fabulous! And, mixed with sour cream as a baked potato topping. Toss warm pasta with whipped cream cheese, salt, pepper, and wasabi paste - instant spiced up alfredo!

                    1. I love wasabi mashed potatoes... rachael ray does a menu of wasabi mashed potatoes, grilled flank steack and stir fried beans and peppers that is quite yummy.... but I love the wasbi mashed potatoes

                      1. mix it with mayo for sandwich spread.Wasabi is great in small quantities on grilled fried or raw fish.Good on nuts too if you have the Wasabi powder make it real thick and use soy sauce instead of water then mix into a bowl of nuts for a hot snack.