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Jul 4, 2007 07:31 PM

URGENT- Need Blair Perrone Recommendations

I want to know what the scoop is on Blair Perrone. I have heard mostly great things about it but there aren't much on these boards about it. Mostly people only talk about Keens, BLT Steak, and Strip House. However I came across Blair Perrone while searching the City's Best and it looks amazing. Unusually Large menu, inventive sides (lobster mac n cheese, corn fritters, truffle parmesan fries, lobster mashedd) beautiful space for a steakhouse. How long has it been open?

The thing that looks promising is the fact that they serve the Luger's style Porterhouse (which is my favorite), yet serves some unusual dishes for a steakhouse including caesar salad w/ chick, roasted chicken, pork chops, pasta, etc. This is great for my mother and sister since they don't like steak and prefer these other items. It is just so hard to find true steakhouses that offer non-steak eaters some variety. If it was up to me I'd heard to PL every single time but I want my mother and sister to be able to try something diff and stop sacrificing for me. So I need some info on BP pleaseeeee. I am really strongly considering it and would love as in-depth a description as possible. Finally, how does the Porterhouse compare to Luger's? Luger's is my all-time fave and I know nothing comes close but is this the best that comes close? Thanks again and I appreciate any comments.

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  1. I haven't been to Blair Perrone. You're right. It doesn't get much discussion on this board. But here's a thread with a review. Not exactly a rave:

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      Blair Perrone is fine...the porterhouse was close to Luger quality...recommend it.

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        Thanks a lot.. any recs for sides, other dishes, or desserts you tried?

    2. Steakrules, you are going to have a phd in steakhouses before all is said and done! I'm not sure you're going to find the perfect place to satisfy both the steak and non-steak lover, but any of the choices you've raised I think everyone will be happy.

      While Luger is still the best in my book for the porterhouse, BP does put out a nice one - as does Wolfgang and Ben and Jack etc.

      My vote is still for Strip House - while there's been some dissent here of late, it's the only one my red meat fearing wife will step foot in since they do seafood well.


      1. I haven't been to Blair Perrone either. In my opinion, you can't go wrong by going to Keens. Its Porterhouse is much superior to Luger's in that it doesn't have Luger's slight metallic taste. When it comes to non-steak fare, it serves the best Dover Sole anywhere, even better than that of Wilton's in London.

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          Keens is our favorite steakhouse. Speaking of non-steak fare, their lamb chops are some of the best anywhere. And let's not forget the signature mutton chop. In addition to delicious food, service is pleasant and prompt, and the unmatchable old NY ambiance is wonderful.

        2. The original comment has been removed