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Jul 4, 2007 06:46 PM

Best Coffee Beans?

I was wondering where I could buy the best coffee beans? Whole or grounded are okay. The only ones I have tried are Grey Dog's.

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  1. D'Amico's on Court St. at Degraw in Carroll Gardens.

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    1. re: salmonskin

      Second D'Amico on Court very highly.

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        I second D'Amico's as well -- drinking a cup of their House Dark this very moment, in fact.

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          I third D'Amico's. They roast the coffee right there in a sixty-year-old machine. It's glorious stuff--the best I've had in New York, and I drink a lot of coffee. The yuppie places can't even touch it.

          Also--it's very reasonably priced. Their house coffee is $6 a pound.

        2. I strongly recommend the beans from Gimme Coffee in Williamsburg. Freshly roasted and shipped from Ithica. I'm afraid I've found D'Amico's beans burnt and tainted by the fact that they roast their flavored coffees in the same roaster (which tends to contaminate non-flavored beans). Also Red Horse Cafe (6th Ave and 12 st.) in Park Slope, which gets their beans from Barrington Roasters. They and Gimme make the best espresso drinks in Brooklyn.

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            I agree that Gimme Coffee is great. I also like Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope.

            1. Without question, Gimmie Coffee is the best in NYC. Far fresher and roasted with more care than any of the others mentioned here. However, those who could pull those 'god shots' do not work there anymore. If you get an espresso there now it will be mediocre at best. Buy beans and get a french press, and bypass the Williamsburgh hipster scene that would have to be tolerated drinking it there. Its a silly place, but maybe fun for kids fresh from the suburbs.

              1. I second Gorilla coffee for great beans, roasted in Brooklyn, and a free cup of coffee with each pound. I also buy from Fairway which roasts on premises, the brooklyn java is particularly good and cheap ( $6 per lb. iirc)