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Best birthday cakes in Montreal???

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I am from Toronto, and have been given the task of ordering a birthday cake for a female friend's 75th birthday party in Montreal at the end of August. I want to order an elegant, delicious and special cake to serve about 50+ people. Any suggestions?

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  1. I just had a cake made by Tammy at Streganona Dolci, it was amazing all my guests loved it (some serious foodies among them). Everything is made from scratch and she will customize your order any way you want it. I just told her the flavours I wanted and she produced a wonderful product on short notice, and it included delivery. It fed 17 people for $30, and the vanilla infused whipped cream topping was light, frothy and very tasty. My cake is on the homepage right now (Happy Birthday Miss Brandi!). Check her site out: