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Jul 4, 2007 06:40 PM

ISO to die for cakes in Los Angeles

Hello there,

I love cake and can live off it.

I am looking to try some really awesome cakes from any type of bakery--as long as it is awesome. I am familiar with Sweet Lady Jane in West Hollywood and Portos in Glendale. I have also found the opera cake at Ralph's to be pretty good. But I need to venture out and explore new horizons! Where to?

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  1. Have you ever been to Leda's Bake Shops on Ventura in Sherman Oaks. They specialize in cupcakes but they also do cakes. I'm not sure, however, if the cakes are only to order. They are magnificent.

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      You have to call and order, but they are sooooooo good.

      1. If you like chocolate, try the Devil's Food Cake at Boule.

        Van's Bakery in San Gabriel (and Westminster) also makes a tarot sponge cake.

        1. Delilah's Bakery on Echo Park Blvd. has a wonderful german chocolate cake and a coconut white cake. Cakes, as well as other goods, have a truly homemade quality, in the most desirable way.

          1. Susina Bakery! Their Berry Blossom cake is light and delicious. If you're looking for something richer, try their chocolate raspberry cake!

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              Second!! :) I love their carrot cake! :)


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                Third! But I like the Bear Cake, and the Cheesecake...and the bread pudding....and the banana cream pie....and the blueberry cream brule tart...

              2. re: dinami

                Fourthed! Berry Blossom is insanely good - as is their individual molten chocolate cakes & their tarts (OK, they're not cakes, but still very worth trying!)

                I also like the cake offerings at Jin Patisserie, particularly Spring Bouquet (light custard with fresh fruit rolled in macaron cookie crumbs).

                Perfectly Sweet out in Alhambra makes an awesome tres leches & have a delicious mousse cake selection too.


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                  Fifth'd on Susina. I really do enjoy their cakes.

                  I have to give a major thumbs up to Ralph's. We've ordered our son's birthday cake from there each of the last 3 years of his life, and it has always been excellent.

                  I also recommend Paris Pastry in Westwood. Really cute shop, and great pastries.
                  1448 Westwood Blvd
                  Los Angeles, CA 90024
                  (310) 474-8888