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Jul 4, 2007 06:34 PM

Need ideas for South Street Seaport area

We have tickets to see Absinthe near the Fulton Fish market next week and I would like some sit-down restaurant recommendations for dinner in the area. I used to work in that area two decades ago, but don't really know it any more. I just do remember that while the South Street Seaport is nearby, no one other than tourists eat there and that it certainly wasn't know for its fine dining. We love all sort of ethnic foods, so would be most interested in those type of places.

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  1. South Street Seaport is very touristy, but I've had good (and reasonably-priced) meals at Cabana's on the top floor. ( (NB: I've been there three or four times -- mostly for lunch.)

    The La Playa salad impressed me with ample amounts of seafood. The Paellas -- a little light on the saffron -- were surprisingly good. The chuleta (pork chop) satisfied my friend. The Pollo Jamaiquina, a jerked chicken dish, was mediocre. The churrasco was average. The ropa veija was good.

    The music is unnecessarily loud, but not overpowering.

    Hope this helps.

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