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Jul 4, 2007 06:09 PM

Salad dressing for chef-sy salad?

Six o'clock and it's getting hotter. We're really not salad people, but a kinda-chef's salad sound right for today. I've got lettuce, tomatoes, avo, chicken, ham, hb eggs. What type of dressing goes best? Thanks alot!

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  1. I'd give the lettuce a light bath in good olive oil, add some cheese (chunky bits of a good gorgonzola?), and call dinner.

    1. I personally would go with a good Blue Cheese Dressing. If not homemade then maybe a "Marie's". Stay away from Kraft etc... Usually any dressing in the refridgerated section in the vegetable/fruit area tend to be much higher quality and have interesting selections.

      Saying that, a Balsamic Vinegrette is easy to make at home and always tasty.

      1. Into a food processor: equal parts Roquefort, mayo, sour cream. Add a squirt of lemon juice and a generous grind of black pepper. Stay away from the bottled stuff -- most of it's full of chemicals.

        1. I think that a homemade Thousand Island or Russian dressing would go well with these ingredients....Use a good mayo, chili sauce, sweet pickle if you like, parsley, worcestershire sauce, a dash of Tabasco, a dash of garlic...thin with a little water if you like and adjust seasonings...salt, pepper

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            I love 1K islands on chef salads... I just had one better-horseradish sauce... the kind you use as a condiment on your sandwiches. I have also added ketchup to it with relish and made a very spicy version of the 1K...

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              On a chef salad what I usually do is make my own recipes of for blue cheese and Thousand Island. Then I put half of each on top of the chef salad. YUM!

          2. I'm a big fan of Ranch dressing (I boring) on chef's salads....especially with avocado.

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              You could make a dressing with the avocadoes. That would go nicely with the other ingredients, and make it a little less boring.