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Everywhere that Aldi's goes...Trader Joe's is sure to go! [moved from Texas]

I am sooooo excited, because DH noticed an article in today's Dallas Morning News, (which I didn't notice because it is titled with the not-noticeable title of "Bring-your-own-bag grocer to debut here"...well, who cares, right? and what's up with all the hyphens?)...EXCEPT that the article states that Aldi is planning to enter the Texas market by opening 25 to 35 stores in DFW by fall 2009.

Why do I care about 25 cent loaves of bread? Because Aldi is the precursor to TJ's!! (and I was able to eat while supporting myself in law school only because of Aldi's great prices on the basics)...also noticed another comment on the board about a hush-hush rumor that TJ's would be moving into North TX in the next year or so, so this all is likely connected!

Yippee! Hopefully this is not irrationally exuberant!

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  1. I think that's great, too! I lived in Ohio for about 2 months, and shopped at Aldi's a lot! Their prices were excellent!

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      There is a Aldi in Wooster where I occasionally shop for packaged nuts and veggies for a free meal program, and there is a abandoned grocery across the street that would be perfect for a Trader Joe's.

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          Thanks for the link! The Star-Telegram article is much better than the article that appeared on July 4 in the Dallas Morning News.

      1. I can only offer my comments on the two related chains vis-a-vis NJ, and it is possible that this may not relate to all markets, but here goes:

        In NJ, Trader Joe's exists only in decidedly upscale towns, and Aldi exists solely in lower-income/ghetto areas. Yes, the chains are related, and yes, they both offer good value, but they seem to have two very different demographics in mind when they select sites.

        So, even though they are moving into your state, Texas is a mighty big place, and I would expect that the two chains, though related, will establish themselves in very different locales. An Aldi store near you does not assure you of a Trader Joe's within a convenient driving distance, and vice-versa.

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          I've lived in states with both, and shopped at both. I welcome both to Texas for different reasons. Both are sorely needed here. Most states where Aldi locates also have TJ's, and since TX has neither at this point, we are looking good for both now. It is exciting when you don't have ready access to either.

        2. Aldi OWNS Trader Joes. Joe sold out back in the late seventies I think. I worked in Europe last summer and walked into an Aldi store. It was lots different than TJs (which I miss terribly in Austin, having grown up in TJ's area of founding) but there were enough similarities--even TJ's brand PRUNES--to get me rolling on the whole idea of TJ in TX!

          1. I just found this web site so sorry for this late reply i have worked at aldi for the past 5 years and am really excited to open up one of the stores in texas. They will open in late summer of 2009 or early fall i am hoping it is late summer i wanna move down there so bad. Aldi is a great place to work when you start seeing the job posting go up i encourage anyone who wants a great job to go apply.
            If you ever have any questions about the company please feel free to ask

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              i hear the corp office for Aldi is not a great place to work? and places people in a depressed state of mind

              the store i love to shop at, shopping at Aldi cut my shopping bill in 1/2 most of the food is great

            2. I had not heard of Aldi until it appeared in a story on the AOL home page about how Aldi had driven Walmart out of Germany. I live north of Boston - the nearest Aldis are in Rhode Island. But I mentioned the connection to a friend who is devoted to TJ's. He said he'd been inside one of the RI Aldi's and left emptyhanded. He thought the selection was very limited, and the aisles illogically stocked so that he couldn't find the foods he was looking for - this was not a matter of brands, but configuration. I'm making this up, but things like sugar being in one aisle and flour somewhere else.

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                " Selection" is a highly relative term. What are you looking for ? comparing it to ? Aldi provides what I would consider staple items. At basically the best prices available. It is for price conscious consumers..not "gourmet" shoppers. Wegmans fills that bill for me.

              2. We've had Aldi's here in KC for at least 25 years. I've never seen or been to a Trader Joe's.

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                  We've had Trader Joe's here in L.A. for at least 25 years. I've never seen or been to an Aldi's.

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                    We've had Aldi's in Des Moines for 25 years, well, maybe, I really didn't mark the date, but I've never seen or been to a TJ's.

                2. They are building Aldi's out by me more and more. We even have what I call a Super Aldi as its twice the size of the others. It is also always packed and not with poor people. Lets face it, with the economy the way it is an unemployment, Aldi is taking off!

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                    Absolutely, libgirl2. And for those who believed Aldi's only catered to the working poor, I say the playing field just got leveled.

                  2. I hope it is true that Trader Joes follows Aldi into markets, we have had a huge influx of aldi in my area (tampa bay) at least 5 aldi stores within a ten minute drive of me 80. its ok but doesn't really float my boat, but I would love to have a local Trader Joes, and there are none at all of those in florida as of yet.

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                      Not at all true. Very different markets. Trader Joe's tends to stick to more affluent markets. Take Wisconsin, for example, Aldi's has long had a presence there throughout the state with dozens of stores. TJ now recently opened two locations in Wisconsin (in more upscale areas), but they didn't "follow" Aldi's in any way - many years apart (and in notably different locations).