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Jul 4, 2007 04:47 PM

Potato Salad

I'm looking for good NON MARKET potato salads anywhere in LA/OC. My favorites have been from Langer's, Nate 'n Al's, and Magee's in the LA Farmer's Market. Thanks in advance!

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  1. SF Saloon. Pico Blvd. at Exposition 2 blks west of Sawtelle.

    1. Cassell's
      Gumbo Pot's Sweet Potato Salad
      Naples Rib Co
      Ginzaya Bakery does a PS sandwich
      Cantor's (horseradish kick)

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      1. re: Emme

        I really like The Gumbo Pot's Creole Mustard Potato Salad!

      2. Clementine makes a good potato salad. Not always available so call ahead.

            1. re: eartha

              D'accord, TJ's Old Fashioned is better & closer to NY deli style than the middling stuff dished out at most LA delis including Nate & Als, Billy's & obviously Jerry's & its ilk. Which has reluctantly driven us to sticking with half sours & coleslaw most of the time in LA delis. Incidentally, same challenge finding worthwhile kraut or pickled tomatoes.

              Potato salad at Bristol & Gelsons is somewhat similar to TJ's but more pricey & often not as fresh (sitting uncovered in deli case).

              1. re: bernardo

                When I'm short of time to make PS from scratch, I get one or two packages of TJ's and add two or three chopped hardboiled eggs per package, some chopped red onion, and a bit more mayonnaise, then adjust the salt. There are so few commercial potato salads that have the potatoes cooked exactly right, and TJ's is one of them...and their simple, unfussy seasoning suits my taste (and my ability to fake homemade!) perfectly.

                Agree that Bristol Farms is as good, maybe a bit better, but hard on the wallet. As for eating establishments, I think Pie'n'Burger has the best I've tried in the LA area. Rusty's Cafe up in Victorville has some that might even be better than mine, but not good enough to drive 75 miles for! Oh, and the Agoura Deli in Agoura Hills has another very good creamy one, perfect with pastrami.

            2. re: ipsedixit

              DO they have a traditional potato salad? The roasted potato bacon I had was nasty, at least I didn't like it. I like their soups and sammies though.

            3. Larkins in Eagle Rock has some amazing potato salad you can find their info at:
              I have had a problem since I first had their ptoato salad at oneof their soft tastings before they they're open and I'm worried I'll gain a thousand pounds if I keep getting near it...I can't resist that stuff...ugg...try it with the meat loaf sandwich at lunch...mmm.

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              1. re: tatertotsrock

                I like Larkin's as well, but don't you find it a bit too sweet? I think it needs a bit more dill or vinegar or something ...

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Juan Pollo has good potato salad - locations in OC, SGV, inland empire - furthest west location is in East LA.


                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    Hi ipsedixit,
                    I have to say, a couple of times it was less pickle-like than I prefer, but I wouldn't say sweet. I do like a good pickle-y-goodness. and it's been mostly on they pickle side when I've had it...hmm.