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Jul 4, 2007 03:59 PM

Best things you'll NEVER be able to cook again??

So, I get home... it's winter and wet and cold. Mr Goddess is grumpy, the dogs are smelly and 3 out of 5 kids are "starving"..

And guess who forgot to go to the shops on the way home??

So what does a good Hound do??

Gets by...

Some aborio rice, a dodgy packet of pre-fab chicken stock (and you don't know how much that pains me to admit that I actually had that in my cupboard), mix up a quick basic risotto, but what to add????


There's some Indian take away left over from last night... So in goes and unidentified amount of palak paneer, maybe 2 tablespoons of Aloo Ghobi, something that may or may not be left over chicken Makhani, and a left over container of some unidentified pickle.

Stir.. Heat... Serve with left over cold raita and call it "fusion food"

Man.. it was SPECTACULAR!!!.. I mean really REALLY good.. like picky Master 11 got all "Oliver" on my a$$ and asked for "More"..

The pain.. the shame.. of knowing I will never be able to recreated this dish ever, ever again...

I am shattered.

Anyone else got a spectacular "will never be able to be repeated" recipe that you can mourn here??

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  1. More often than not!
    When you make something from leftovers, it's a once in a lifetime experience. I just tonight tried to recreate a dipping sauce for dim sum that I make last weekend for company. I made mustard sauce (Colemans dry and water) and then put Ponzu (or maybe teriyaki) out separately; when everyone left I put them together and when we ate the leftovers the next night we couldn't believe how good this sauce was. So tonight I tried to make it again from scratch, but it wasn't the same. Maybe because I added wasabi powder too, my bad. Although I think I'm on to something, it just needs some work!

    1. First, I love that you're all "winter, wet, and cold," and I'm out there sweatin' over the grill today!! The other night, I had two different kinds of leftover chicken, some cold rice, a bit of leftover veggies - were they broccoli, carrot, and cauliflower? heck if I know! - a little hoisin, green onions (fresh), and soy sauce. I pulled all the cold chicken off the bone (rinsing off the odd sauces) and skinned it. With a little sesame oil to finish, it became chicken fried rice. Yummy. And hubby enjoyed it! Bonus!! Think it will ever do up again? No way.

      1. Once when I had ten minutes' notice that my husband was bringing a guest to dinner, a man visiting from Europe, I threw last night's leftovers into the Cuisinart---the insides of some baked potatoes, some cauliflower, milk, a chunk of onion---then tossed in some odd bits of cheese and cut-up sausage and a can of cream-style corn and disguised the whole mess as a first course of soup. The guest adored it and said in very precise English, "You have made a very good soup". I didn't tell him the phenomenon could never be repeated.

        1. Eggplant lasagna (eggplant instead of pasta).

          Put it together using several steps (to get the eggplant ready) and a combo of cheeses, mostly once soft hard bits left over from the Pleistocene, ground in the coffee grinder.

          Might be easy, but after the couple of Coonawara reds, can't remember. My wife now and then sighs while mentioning the dish.

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          1. re: Sam Fujisaka

            Try Michael Chiarello's eggplant lasagna recipie - may not be exactly as you did, but really good!

          2. I once made an amazing butternut squash gnocci - the lightest things ever and gluten-free. I was just playing around, and now, I have no idea what I did, and have never been able to recreate them. Alas... too bad, since the only way I can have gnocci is at home.

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            1. re: jsaimd

              Wow-- the butternut squash gnocchi sound great-- anybody care to speculate on what might have gone into it? maybe a cup or two of pureed squash (pureed in some veg stock, maybe?), some flour, an egg or two? would that be it? maybe (wringing my evil genius hands here) some pumpkin pie spice?

              1. re: alias wade

                If it's anything like sweet potato gnocchi then it's like regular gnocchi. Use some mashed butternut squash and add flour to create the right texture. I added pumpkin pie spice to mine and I actually cooked it in a cinnamon butter sauce.