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Jul 4, 2007 03:33 PM

Girls-only Vacation to Vegas - Recs please!

I'm meeting a girlfriend in Vegas for a 3 night vacation next week. We're staying at the MGM, no car. Where are some fun and good places for 2 thirty-something married gals to eat? We'd probably like to stay in the moderate price range (<$75pp) and need recs for all meals. Love to eat everything; appreciate the help.

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  1. Fiamma is a great place @ MGM....grab a high top in the bar....wonderful pastas, salads, seafood and steaks.....
    A pretty space w/ an intimate feel...beautiful fireplace in the Bar....
    If so inclined later check out TABU nightclub. Much smaller than studio 54.....

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      Second that, Fiamma is wonderful, very hip, and excellent food that easily fits in that range. You MUST have drinks at Nobhill, they have the best cocktails anywhere! No one does Mojitos better, and the Cable Car is really good. Dinner is doable there but can be pushing it at that price range. But definitely do drinks there. Also, there's Seablue at MGM, if you like seafood and fresh fish. Mandalay is close, walk across to Excalibur and hop on the tram right there. Fleur De Lys at Mandalay is $74 for the three course menu-I'd recommend it if you decide to do more than one 'nice' dinner. But definitely do Fiamma, and see if you get seated near the fireplace!

    2. I'll be there with my thirty-something married girlfriends next week as well! I would take the monorail up to Flamingo, and then cross over to Caesars Palace and go to BOA in the forum shops--great food AND people watching. Fix at Bellagio is good as well. If you don't mind venturing further north, try the tapas at Cafe BaBareeba at the Fashion Show Mall (north of Treasure Island). We have a reservation at Tao in the Venetian, which you could also do in your price range (if you don't have too many martinis, that is).

      1. We had a great meal at Social House in The TI a few weeks ago. It is a Nobu style restaurant which has a nice lounge and free VIP access to Tangerine. Also a plus was the fact that our table obverlooked the balcony where the pirate show took place. We were able to take our drinks outside and watch the show in between plates. I highly recommend is you like asian and sushi!

        Another great people watching place to 9INE in The Palms. It's a hip steakhouse. If you go be sure to get the truffle gnocchi and the popcorn rock shrimp.

        1. Stack at Mandalay Bay was great, especially if you want to see the new Beatles "LOVE" by Cirque du Soleil (highly recommend it.) Michael Mina at Bellagio is great seafood and service, we've been there several times and it's always great. Anything at Wynn is wonderful, especially Bartolotta (they fly their seafood in fresh daily and it's Mediterranean style Italian.) The Wolfgang Puck restaurant in MGM near the casino is a great place for a late night snack or casual meal. If you like Tex-Mex, Bobby Flay's restaurant at Caesar's is great. Skip dinner and go there for lunch; it's not nearly as crowded but pretty much the same menu. You honestly can't go wrong with restaurants in Vegas, they are all good. If you do go to any of the nightclubs, be prepared for wall to wall people.

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            All of these recommendations are great. I believe STACK is in the Mirage. Mix is at Mandalay Bay. I love Shibuya at the MGM. L' Atelier is supposed to be amazing. It's on my "next time" list! Have Fun!

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              JRC. Can you help me with something? I want to eat at Okada and then go to the 10 pm Love show. What time should I be at the Mirage for the 10pm show? How long is the walk from Wynn to Mirage? Trying to figure out what time to make rez's at Okada.

              Many thanks!


              1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

                We actually cabbed it to Mirage; we went in August so it was of course very hot and didn't want to get all hot/gross before the show. If you want a drink, etc. before the show (you can take them inside the theater) I would get there by at least 9:30/40 to allow time for thatas the concession lines were pretty long. They start promptly and don't let you in the show after it begins. Seems like we waited until 15 minutes or so beforehand and were pressed for time. If you want a great meal inside Mirage, Stack was awesome and much easier to coordinate being in the same hotel. Maybe do Okada another night if your set on it? We had sushi there one night and it was good but I was a little disappointed from the reviews I had read -- good but not my best meal. Just a suggestion. Love is a great show...have fun!

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                  Thanks JC! Was the cab line bad at Wynn? What was the BEST meal you had? What was Stack like?


                  1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

                    Check out the menu above for Stack. I had the seabass w/lobster risotto (wonderful) and "grown up tator tots" and a terrific white sangria. Best meal(s) ever I would say are Michael Mina @ Bellagio, Bartolotta @ Wynn and Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay's in Caesar's) If you like Chinese food, Red 8 at Wynn was great too. I think those are the "favorites". If you're looking for good sushi, there is always Nobu at Hard Rock.

                    The cab line at Wynn was pretty average, but it moved along quickly. Seems like 10 minutes or so would be a good average wait estimate. It was much better than the lines at Venetian which I remember taking a while when we stayed there. Hope this helps!

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                      It does thank you! However I am wondering about Okada. Some very impressive reviews on the board and I do Love Sushi...

                      1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

                        Give it a try; it by no means was bad and maybe we didn't order the right always, someone's gotta have a "not so great" experience at almost every restaurant. maybe ours was there???

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                  If I were you I'd hit Okada at 6 for dinner, take your time, and just head to the Mirage when you're done. You have plenty of time, by all means do what you really FEEL like doing when in Vegas!

              2. thanks for catching the mandalay/mirage mix-up......mix is great for an app/view before they start charging a cover. it's on top of mandalay and has an outdoor viewing area.