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Jul 4, 2007 03:12 PM

Marinated Korean meat in Oak/Berk?

where is the best place to buy korean bbq marinated meat in oakland or berkeley? i already know of koreana plaza on telegraph. i don't think i have ever seen marinated spareribs there. are there any others?

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  1. Koreana Plaza (formerly known as Pusan Market) does have marinated meats. I haven't been there in a while, but according to a recent Yelp review, they are located at the far left side of the market.

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    1. re: jazzybel

      Yeah, I'm sure I've seen ready-to-cook kalbi in their meat counter.

    2. are you looking for marinated shortribs? or spareribs?

      kalbi is shortribs and more common. I don't usually see marinated korean spareribs in the store.

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        1. re: chingcm

          in that case, they definitely have it there. they sell it by the pound. I've bought upwards of 10lbs there at a time for bbqs.

          I also like their bulgogi.

          1. re: nicedragonboy

            it's a while since I have had their marinated meats. They are good and sometimes the same price as the plain meat. To my taste the only problem with the prepared meat for the kalbi(short ribs) and bolgogi is the marinades are too heavily sweetened-- if you don't mind the sugar frosted effects--they are good, convenient and well priced.

            1. re: minkus

              My feelings too, It may be authentic but I prefer my marinades far less sweet.

              It isn't too hard to make up your own marinade, soy, garlic, red pepper and go from there.