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Jul 4, 2007 03:08 PM

Salumi in Portland

Anyone know of where you can get the Battali Salumi in Portland? I have heard Curds and Whey as well as that place on 15th that I can never remember the name of. Anyone know?

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  1. Foster and Dobbs (that place on 15th and Brazee in Irvington) does carry Salumi as well as Fra Mani, or at least they used to--I heard reports that the quality of Salumi had gone down over the last year, and it seems like not quite so many places carry it anymore.

    1. Bought some recently at City Market on NW 21st.

      1. Curds & Whey, Foster & Dobbs, Pastworks (both City Market and Hawthorne). Fra'Mani is carried at Pastaworks and Foster & Dobbs, I believe, plus Whole Foods and Steve's Cheese, I think. Probably some other places as well. When Salumi is at its best, I like it better than Fra'Mani. Salumi definitely went downhill for a while after the daughter took it over and started selling it through Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma. It seems to have greatly improved, though, but I'm not sure if stuff that I really loved like the mole are quite as good as they were. But if not, they're close. Traditionally, Curds & Whey had the best price because they would get it direct whereas I think most others were getting it through Nicky. But I don't know if that's still true.


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          Thanks for the info. What can you tell me about Fra Mani?

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            kick ass chef in the bay area for last 25 years Chez Panisse & then Oliveto.....opened Fra Mani in Berkeley last year. Some very nice, consistent meats

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              I've noticed that a few restaurants that used to exclusively serve only Salumi now serve Fra Mani--I know that this was true of Nostrana and Apizza Scholls (it's been a little while since I've been in there, but their website now lists Fra' Mani). In addition, the Fra' Mani website lists Castagna and Mingo in Portland (as well as places like Bouchon and Daniel Boulud Brasserie outside of Portland).