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Jul 4, 2007 01:59 PM

Gourmet at work

Allright, every day at work I ask the same question, "What do I want to eat?" I'm getting tired of ordering the same old delivery and also realize I'm spending a small fortune every week. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for something great that I could make and bring to work more than once next week. I guess it would have to keep well and/or reheat well. I have a small fridge and microwave at work. PLEASE HELP!

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  1. Grain-based salads are great, and can be varied to reflect the seasonings/ingredients of many different cuisines, so they don't get boring. A good starting point might be the Orzo with Everything recipe on

    1. I started going through various cooking sites looking at recipes for salads and sandwiches and then making those or using those to give me a starting point for an original creation. The trick is using really good quality ingredients. We make most of our bread so that helps.

      Tabouli works great and travels well. It is also good with some leftover grilled chicken. Salad with thin sliced leftover steak and blue cheese. A sandwich we like is decent quality ham with gouda, brown mustard and carmelized onions. We make them ahead and put them open face under the broiler then assemble them and take them cold.

      I have also tried to use menu items at restaurants we frequent or ones we really like as things to copy or be inspired by.

      Something to not overlook is what you take it in. Eating something great out of a reused sour cream container is rather uninspiring. We invested in some of those reuseable glad plastic storage containers and some better quality heavy plastic ones that are made for taking meals, salads etc.

      1. If you cook dinner at night why not make extra and bring leftovers to work the next day? What kinds of things do you like to eat?

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          Unfortunatley I work nights, so I generally eat my dinner at work. As to what I like, just about everything. Love food. I'm just sick of spending money every night on pizza/subs. I was thinking along the lines of making something large that would last me two or three days.

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            I use to make my chicken chowmein or shrimp or pork fried rice with veggies.
            After feeding my husband and myself there was always two days of left overs for my lunch.

            Both micro wave great are tasty. Bring some soy sauce and hot chile paste to really enjoy it. Hope your office mates like garlic!

        2. A big ol' pot of chili, soup or stew would be great. I'm also a fan of leftover "americanized" spaghetti with meat sauce, you know, not the gourmet kind, but still tasty.

          I'll second tabouli. And hummus it great too. Veggie and hummus wraps or sandwiches, you can have a different variation each night.

          Homemade mac and cheese...your coworkers will be jealous. With a salad, it's a meal.

          Different variations on lasagne too. Roasted veggie lasagne, or traditional.

          Heck, roast a big ol' chicken and you can eat that all week. I love leftover chicken room temp and right off the bone. But, you can make chix salad one night to mix it up.

          Good luck!