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Jul 4, 2007 01:57 PM

Breakfast on the Drive from SEA to VAN

My wife and I are are leaving Seattle early next Monday to get to Vancouver. Are there any recommendations for breakfast places along the way. We wouldn't mind leaving the highway for a few minutes if there is anywhere particularly good!


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  1. Try the Calico Cupboard in Mount Vernon. You can see it from the highway. Delicious baked goods, eggs, etc., and adjacent to a nice bookstore.

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      The Calico Cupboard (or as my MIL calls it, the Calorie Cupboard) is great, but unfortunately Scott's Bookstore is out of business. I haven't been in lately to see how it affects the restaurant.

      1. re: ssusu

        any association with the superb calico cupboard in la conner?

        1. re: howard 1st

          Yup, it's a small local chain - one in LaConner, one in Mt. Vernon, and one in Anacortes.

      2. if taking the abbotsford or sumas border crossings rather than the peace arch, i can recommend the hilltop restaurant on the west side of the road a few miles north of bellingham on the way to lynden. breakfast and lunch only; homemade soups, excellent corned beef hash and superb red onion rings.

        1. The co-op (similar to PCC but not the same organization) in downtown old Mount Vernon usually has a nice selection of pastries, etc. It's close to the freeway and is usually where we stop on our way to Vancouver for a bite to eat, bathroom break, etc. Not sure what time it opens, as we usually stop there for lunch . . . .

          1. Good question. Until recently, I found the drive pretty barren. If your stomach can wait for Bellingham, try the Mt. Bakery in downtown B-ham ( They have an incredible Eggs Benedict that substitutes a waffle for the traditional muffin.

            1. Eat a muffin or something to sustain you until you hit Richmond, BC, just south of Vancouver, where the continent's best dim sum awaits. A recent article in the Seattle Times will point you to a few places.