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Jul 4, 2007 01:55 PM

good restaurant to throw party in Nashville area

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a restaurant to have a birthday party in? I will be having my 21st birthday next month and I am looking for a restaurant in Nashville where I can rent a private room to celebrate with friends. Being a college student I need a place to go that is reasonably priced but still classy. I'm also considering having the party at in a nearby town like Brentwood and Franklin as well.

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  1. Germantown is nice but not TOO expensive... they have a new-ish private room and impeccable service.

    1. Ombi has a private-ish room (there's not a door, but it is tucked away and separated) and the food is great and not expensive. It's not a big big room with space for dancing and speeches or anything -- it's just a dining room.
      Sunset Grill and Chappy's both have private rooms but are a notch more expensive. Nero's in Green Hills has a private dining room and good food. The menu has both expensive and moderate items -- the wild game is pricey, but the pastas and sandwiches are reasonable.
      My recollection is fuzzy, but I think Mambu has a private dining room. Not sure what your definition of expensive is, but I think it's in line with other mid-range dining options, somewhere between J Alexander's and Acorn in price.

      1. The Palm also has a private room, as does the Boundry but that may be larger than what you want. Rumba doesn't have a private room, but the back bar is usually open and they can set up high bar tables for a semi-private area. The atmosphere and the food are great there and they have a great mixture of both inexpensive items with only a few higher-priced items. Depending on your group's size, I believe with a minimum purchase they will close off the patio area for you. I agree that Germantown Cafe would be a great option. Happy Birthday!

        1. Just thought of one other option...Cabana has "cabanas" that can be reserved and has a fun, young atmosphere with great food and a good range of pricepoints.