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Jul 4, 2007 01:16 PM

Mt. Dora Update

We will be in Mt. Dora, staying at the Lakeside Inn. Are there any "don''t miss" places for breakfast and lunch?

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  1. What a loaded request! No, There are no " don't miss" places for breakfast in Mount Dora. We'll go down the list for breakfast: Gary's hollywood cheesecake cafe is ok if you don't feel like getting in the car. $4.99 buys you a couple of eggs toast and some bacon with home fries and an omlet is $6.99. The quality is fair and the place is mount dora Weird! Gary had a good time in the 70's!
    Let us move on to cecile's french corner. This place is primarily outdoor dining. If you eat inside you might as well be eating in a gift shop. They serve crepes and such. I was not overly impressed with the salmon crepe I had and the price tag was high at $40 for two including mimosa and tip. I did like their french mustard dressing.
    If you want to save money and don't want to drive go to the choochoo express. This place is also outdoor dining. The breakfeast sandwiches are big and priced right. If you are into pastries I highly reccommend the sunshine mountain bakery. A glazed homade doughnut is $.65! The also have a large assortment of ,cookies,cinamon rolls ,baklava and homemade breads. If there is a don't miss place for breakfeast,, it would be the Sunshine Mountain Bakery. A couple of places have sunday brunch. These usually carry a $50 for two price tag. Save your money for lunch!

    Lunch is a whole nother story. My favorite is the Goblin market. This is probably mount doras only true "destination resturant". They have an excellent cajun bbq chicken sandwich topped with portabello mushroom and aged swiss. They also have a several good salads served with hot rolls and real butter. This place is very reasonable for lunch and esquisite for dinner.
    The Frosty Mug is also good for a power lunch. They serve steaks and other high end items for lunch as well as salads and sandwiches.The also serve some unusual icelandic fare such as pickled hearing and gravslocks. And Make sure you have a fat wallet!
    If you want to save money and get full, go back to the choochoo express for lunch. This place has a cheeseburger the size of texas and home cut fries for $6! Cooked to order and very good!
    Fiesta Grande is also good and inexpensive authentic mexican!

    Hope my advice helps!

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      I second Goblin Market and Frosty Mug. I used to live across the street from Frosty Mug actually, upstairs from one of the shops... so I was a regular there. I'm not sure if it is still true, but they used to have a Peruvian cook, who made the rockinest flan. Kinda a strange combination for an Icelandic restaurant... but I was never disappointed with whatever I ate (and drank) there! =)

      There is also an excellent little bakery across the street from the laundry mat, near the railroad tracks. Awesome made on site breads and pastries!! =D

      I'd also recommend the Tea Room... for a traditional English tea. Yummy little sandwiches, authentic English scones with clotted cream and jam.... perfect for a light lunch.

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        The moutain hound heard the peruvian cook has been in and out latley. I hope he decided to stay. The place wouldn't be the same without him. if i go there and he is not cooking ,, i don't stay! The frosty has been going thru growing pains and the summer slump. And just like I predicted,,the prices have gone thru the roof! I remember being able to get the fish and chips for $10.99. Now they are $15.99! Drinks are high too I recently purchased a beer at the upstairs bar and it was $4.50. I paid the bartender with a $5 and he kept the change with out asking!
        I hope they get their groove back!

        Yes the tea room is good for lunch as well

    2. have had great eggs benedict on the porch of the Lakeside when they are open...Sunshine Mountain Bakery is also good... if you drive, there is always Yalaha Bakery or the little Mom and Pop restaurant on Sadler Road on the way to Deer Island Golf Course... food is great and inexpensive... if you are in Mount Dora on the third weekend of the month, don't miss the Mount Dora Cool on the Third Friday of each month where each restaurant downtown will have live entertainment and dinners specials... there is music all over town and lots of fun... Cecile's is under new management so try it again and don't forget to try the specialty beers and wines at The Cellar At Maggie's Attic where the locals go... the next Mount DOra Cool is October 19, 2007 with eight different live entertainment areas at least and lots of food... try the bruschetta at The Gables ... best I have ever had!

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        What a PR pitch for the mountain! I am sure Mount Dora Cool will be fun HOWEVER,,,, Everything said above will be different from what really happens.
        For Example mdcc81 says the event is called Mount Dora Cool. WRONG Mount Dora Cool is a defunct event that took place on the third thursday. This event is being sponsored by a few select merchants located around alexander street. The majority of places will be running normal specials.
        I honestly hope this event replaces Mt.Dora Cool! I also hope the folks sponsoring the event put their money where their mouth is and hire decent entertainment. Wouldn't it be nice if we could hear a major smooth jazz recording artist with our dinner? Instead it will be a hodge podge of differrent solo's and duo's scattered about. You can have that anytime in Mount Dora.
        I will give cecille's another try and i will second the plug for Maggies Attic. Beer lovers will think they are in heaven!!!