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Jul 4, 2007 01:04 PM

group dining, walk to somewhere we can see fireworks?

hello, just moved back to chicago from 6 years in london. we're getting married this weekend, and have a load of family and friends visiting. we'd like to find some suggestions for decent value food for tonight-- i'm stumped!

we need somewhere that's open tonight (tricky enough, i think), ideally somewhere no more than 15 minutes from the lake, but could be anywhere between museum campus and belmont. has to suit vegetarians and omnivores, and the group prefers not mexican, thai, cajun or pizza since those meals have happened or are planned.

am i on a wild goose chase? any help or thoughts welcome!

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  1. The big fireworks show for Chicago was last night. They always do it on the 3rd. However, there are fireworks at Navy Pier tonight, and Evanston usually puts on a decent show. Don't know if that changes your plans.

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      yes, we saw them last night, pretty good! but several people have arrived from the UK this morning, so they'd like to see the regular navy pier fireworks if possible...

      we're happy to watch from the lake anywhere up to belmont harbor, but having a hard time working out where we can eat and get to the lake quickly.