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Jul 4, 2007 12:37 PM

where to buy fresh inexpensive herbs

i've heard the some farmers markets or ethnic markets sell a small bunch for about $1-2. would love recommendations on specific farmers markets/ethnic markets...prefer somewhere close to el segundo, but anywhere in LA is fine.

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  1. Here's a list of Los Angeles county certified farmer's markets:

    1. At the Hollywood farmers market one can usually buy a big bunch of herbs for $1 a bunch.

      You may want to check out Jons which might have herbs even cheaper.

      1. Jon's Market sells all kinds of fresh herbs, starting at about .29/bunch.

        I realize I sound like a broken record with regard to Jon's, but the place is the bomb!

        1. Avail at Santa Monica farmer's markets Wed/Sat

          1. I second Jon's....6 bunches of cilantro for $1, large bunches of rosemary, 4 Italian parsley for $1 and so many more herbs, always very fresh.