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Jul 4, 2007 12:21 PM

Del Mar restaurants

My dh and I will be in Del Mar starting tomorrow to attend the Wags for Wishes event (3 day dog competions for The Make A Wish Foundation) then, we'll be in San Onofre for 2 nights and then 2 nights in Oceanside (we are escaping our 113 degree heat here in the Mojave Desert!!).....we love good food...sea food, little bistos, cafes....great beach resturants....

Since I live in the desert we are so looking forward to the ocean!!! Any ideas would be so appreciated in Del Mar, San Onofre, and Ocean Side.....


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  1. Encinitas is between Del Mar and Oceanside and has a lot of great places to eat as I am discovering

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    1. For breakfast, I would suggest Americana, which is right on the corner of Camino Del Mar and 15th street. You can even bring your dogs if you sit outside. For a (very) casual breakfast, there is Stratford Court Cafe, which is (I think) on 12th street about a block off of Camino Del Mar. Also very dog friendly. The food is very basic breakfast fare, mostly breakfast sandwiches and pastries and such, but it has a very nice outdoor patio and a laid back beach vibe.

      p.s. Have fun at wags for wishes. Perhaps I will see you there.

      1. Right next to the racetrack facility (which is where I am assuming the event is being held in Del Mar) on Via de Valle is Red Tractons, kind of an old-time steakhouse restaurant with some great lobster bisque, and huge portions (okay to split). We really enjoy the vibe, the staff is very nice - however there is no view. I also like Stratford Cafe for breakfast very much.

        1. If you'll be in Oside do try Beach Break cafe for breakfast or lunch. Try the coffee cake.
          The fish and chips place at the harbor does good chowder and broiled fish . A big beautiful harbor and marina to explore as well.
 is on coast hwy north of vista way.

          1. We live in Del Mar, and we like the following places in the downtown/village area, near the beach -

            For dinner: Pacifica in the Del Mar Plaza (great view and wonderful atmosphere, as well as very good food), Americana for something a little more casual but still offering inventive food, and Rendezvous on the lower level of the Plaza for Asian-influenced,semi-Chinese. We are not fans of Red Tracton's and have found it very mediocre. Someone once raved about their lobster rolls, but I thought they were bland and tasteless. Haven't tried the lobster bisque.

            For breakfast/lunch - Poseidon for breakfast on the can be fun to have a Bloody Mary and gaze out at the surf from their deck (they're not recommended for lunch or dinner due to the mediocre food), Stratford Court Cafe, Cafe Secret, Americana, Pacifica Beach Cafe.

            Our new favorite is Market Restaurant, which is not in downtown Del Mar but is further east, past the racetrack on Via de La Valle at the intersection of El Camino Real. I think it is very near to where the Wags to Wishes event is held. They've got fabulous food, but you usually have to book well in advance. We also like Arterra in the Del Mar Marriott hotel, but again, this is not in downtown Del Mar.

            I also agree with many of the Encinitas suggestions from Enorah's link. Have fun!