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Jul 4, 2007 12:20 PM

Harlem 145th St./Sugar Hill: Suggestions


Just moved to Harlem (145th & Frederick Douglas), and looking for suggestions on tasty restaurants nearby. Thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. Welcome the neighborhood! A few places I like in the area are:

    People's Choice for juice (just up the block on 146 and FD)
    Sunshine Kitchen also has great juices; haven't tried their food yet
    Charles' Southern Fried Chicken (of course!)
    Famous Fish Place, for fried fish, on 145 and St. Nick
    Jumbo's burgers, right there on 145 and FD
    T&J's Bakery on 148 and ACP, for great pastries, cakes, and they also have some sandwiches and salads
    Copeland's, on 145, close to Broadway
    The woman who sells tamales on 145 and Edgecombe is great. She has great atoles in the morning, and also fresh fruit.
    El Toro Partido, Mexican food on B'way and 140th
    Acapulco Caliente, also Mexican food, on B'way and 143rd.
    The River Room, in Riverbank State Park at the end of 145th on the west side. The view can't be beat and the food is decent.

    I've heard about a great bakery up on Edgecombe around 160th. Haven't tried it but it's been positively reviewed here on CH, and it's near Jumel Mansion, which is a nice place to see.

    Happy chowhounding uptown!

    1. Add: Fatman's for Jamaican
      Many domincan places on Bway.
      Certain days on 145 starting at Bway there are street vendors. The Empanada lady, sometimes a man, is good. There's a Mexican food truck bet Bway and Amsterdam that I've been wanting to try.

      1. Where did you move from Greg? That would help with giving you some suggestions. The bottom line is that you aren't going to find "downtown" fare up this way ... yet. I recommend going to the trio of places on Broadway and 137th...Cafe Largo is the sit down restaurant and Vinegar Hill and Tres Pasos are take out. They are also opening a sandwich shop (basically an extension of Vinegar Hill) on that strip of businesses. You might also want to venture over to the ViVa where Dinosaur and the Hudson River Cafe are located in the 130s. Other than that..nice cafes like Settepani and Saurin Parke are below 125th. For quick sandwiches you can get a Subway on 8th and 135th or a Quizno's right on 8th at 135th. Also, I just learned of a new sushi place off 125th Street called Charlie's Place. You many also like long standing Londel's which is right down 8th Avenue in the upper 130s and Marooon's is coming soon right across the street (I'm assuming you moved into the Langston). There may also be other places on the Langston website (I think I saw a link on there once upon a time.) Don't forget the healthy fare offered at Raw Soul (closed on Mondays). Chow.

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          Hey, Uptownflavor.

          I moved here from Jersey City. Not looking for any particular type of food (or "downtown" food), but just wondering what the neighborhood favorites are.

          Thanks for all of the suggestions. Really appreciate them.