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Jul 4, 2007 12:18 PM

Public barbecuing facilities in Toronto parks?

Other than the Toronto Islands, where are the public barbecuing facilities in the parks these days in Toronto?

I remember there used to be a lot of them around the picnic areas in the Ashbridges Bay/Woodbine/Kew Beaches. Took a bike ride and cycled the entire beach area and it looks like the City of Toronto has gotten rid of them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. There are numerous bbq's in the parks along the Don, starting from Sunnybrook Park, and extending south to ET Seton Park. I have also seen many folks BYO bbq's to these parks, as they can be well used. If you're looking for a larger scale, there is a fire pit in Sherwood Park, though I understand that needs to be booked in advance. Enjoy!

    1. There were some at Cherry Beach (Clarke Beach) last year. But there were also some at Woodbine last year, so maybe the City got rid of all of them?

      Parks & Rec info online is spotty. I'd call the Access Toronto at City Hall, 416-338-0338

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        Thanks for everyone's help. I've decided to stay local and just bring my portable tabletop BBQ and have the barbecue in the Woodbine beaches/park. I've noticed many families don't mind bringing their own BBQ's for these weekend activities.

        Gotta get their early since we're BBQing on Sunday and wanna find a good spot that has shade with trees. Lots and lots of families have the BBQ cookouts there, especially on Sundays at the beaches.

      2. I was on the Toronto Islands last weekend. We walked from Ward's over to Centre Island and I saw several public BBQ sets ups along the paths there. In fact I remember we saw a family having a childrens birthday party and using one. I havn't been this year but I remember there was some at Hanlan's near the shower and washroom facilities walking back towards the beaches.

        Also a bit off topic but at Ward's near the ferry dock. - There's a familly selling Fajita and Jerk Chicken wraps fresh off the grill there and they were really good.. It was served almost like a soft taco and in handled in a banana leaf. Fresh pineapple salsa was tasty too!

        1. If you are looking to go west, don't forget about Centennial Park at Renforth and Eglinton. Sitting idle weekdays and nights. Look for them just south of Eg. about 1/2 KM West of Renforth. Use the soccer field parking off Eglinton and a two minute walk South. Also on Rathburn Rd again 1/2 KM West of Renforth. Lots of parking there too! Have only seen the ones on Rathburn used lately on weekends. Could be others there that I am not aware of over by the golf course further west.

          1. Dufferin Grove Park has BBQs for sure. Here is the info you need for that park:


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              No BBQ's at the Grove. But you can reserve a campfire to cook your food on. You're supplied with everything you might need, from the metal thing to lift your pot to the pot itself. Oh, and BYOW (wood) is the preferred way to go.

              BUT... you can book a party at the bake ovens and get the best pizza in town with you and up to 100 of your best friends :)