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Jul 4, 2007 11:21 AM

Red Hamburger Relish -- Which is best?

When I travel to Boston I enjoy finding Red Hamburger Relish on my burgers. Two years ago I noticed that Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage was promoting the brand that they used (selling bottles of the stuff) to help keep the brand alive. I recall it was really good. Is that brand still around? Are there any other brands that are really good?

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  1. For a while, I remember Mr. Bartley walking around the restaurant pushing "Grandma's" red pepper relish. They still serve it on the tables and offer jars for sale at the register, but Mr. Bartely no longer is aggressively pushing the stuff. I do not recall seeing red pepper relish anywhere else.

    1. I'm with Blumie: other than Bartley's -- which is not a burger worth eating -- I've never seen red pepper relish at any burger joints around here. I have seen it on offer at Spike's Junkyard Giant Wads Of Flavorless Bread Dough, but not at any burger places.

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        Well, I'm certain not with you with respect to your view of Bartley's. Bartely's is a GREAT burger, one of the best. (I do agree, however, with your view of Spike's!)

      2. i luv Howard's Sweet Pepper Relish. available at most decent grocery stores.

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        1. I also liked the Grandmother's relish that Mr. Bartley used to push, and have been buying it from my local Stop and Shop for quite some time. Recently they stopped carrying it, much to my dismay. This past weekend, my wife found some bottles heavily marked down at the Christmas Tree Shop in Natick - so they are still available if you want to stock up.

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            I like the brand I bought from Bartley's. But that may have been almost two years ago. I am in L.A.., Cal. When I ran out of the two jars I bought from Mr. Bartley's I searched the net for the maker. I only found a news story that the place was one of the oldest food makers in the arear but they were maybe going to close-up shop. Local people felt the place was an instatution and were doing what they could to keep things going. Now I cannot find any "Grandmother's relish" on the net. I am not sure if thatg was the same brand that I bought from Bartley's. Therefroe, I have several questions I hope someone can answer. Is "Grandmother's relish" the brand that Mr. Bartley's has always used on his tables? Also, What is the name of the Christmas Tree Shop in Natick and do they do mail-order? I hope the relish maker is still around and the stuff at the Shop in Natick is still in code.

          2. I haven't tried it but if their "spicy corn relish" is any indication (it's great), I would try Stonewall Kitchen's Farmhouse Red Relish. Many Roche Bros and Sudbury farms carry a large variety of their products.

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              I'm hooked on Stonewall Kitchen's Farmhouse Red Relish. It's got a great flavor... I found it at Russo's in Watertown...