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Jul 4, 2007 10:31 AM

Sunday brunch? (yet again ...)

I know this subject has come up time and time again, but things change so rapidly. For months I've been reading raves about Barrio Lounge, finally made a reservation, and then read last month's thread about how it's rapidly gone downhill. The only place I've ever been for brunch before, Vienna Home Bakery, is closed. What, at this very moment (and ideally still by this Sunday) is the fave brunch spot--good, well-prepared food; unstuffy atmosphere; reasonable prices? Starting point is the Beach, but anywhere in the realm of the TTC is possible. Thanks.

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  1. Cafe Vert seems to be the new place du jour. It is just a block east of Barrio.

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      I've been to Cafe Vert for brunch a couple times and wasn't impressed. In that neighborhood, I like Pulp Kitchen. My current fave brunch is beerbistro at King and Yonge, though that might be out of the way for you.

    2. three absolutely amazing places (each in there own way) descending by price:

      1) Xaccutti; If you want to spend a little bit more, this is easily the best place to have breakfast in Toronto bar none, expect a short wait, although I *believe* they take reservations.

      2) Globe; Super trendy, on the Danforth, good food and the nicest interior of any breakfast place in Toronto.

      3) Aunties and Uncles; this is the kind of place you find bleary eyed frat-kids and hung-over movie stars. Try it atleast once no matter what your tastes are, you wont be disappointed. My only gripe is that on Sunday morning the staff is usually as hung over as you are.... =)

      1. They are now doing Brunch every Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting) on the patio at the Atelier Thuet Liberty Village store. It is more laid back as it is not a true restaurant but I did notice they have applied for a Liquor licence. Went to the Farmers market first in the parking lot then over to Atelier for French toast.. amazing.

        1. best sunday brunches are at thuet bistro on king st

          didier on yonge st also does a very good brunch

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            yes thuet is also very good, forgot to mention that one