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Jul 4, 2007 09:51 AM

Santa Fe's "Musts" for Green and Red Chili

Will be visiting Santa Fe for one week the last week in July. Not to sound overly enthusiastic....., each day, I plan on eating either green or red chili for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The hotter the better. I appreciate and thank you in advance for your recommendations on where I absolutely have to go.

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  1. Well, to start its chile with and "e" not chili with an "i". As a former New Mexican for 9 years I can tell you it's a bit of a pet peeve of locals. I would advise trips to both Bobcat Bite for a green chile cheeseburger and Horseman's Haven for really hot green chile. Many are fans of Maria's, Tomasitas and Coyote Cafe as well. Blake's Lotaburger has good green chile cheeseburgers as well. Enjoy your trip!

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      Thank you so much for the spelling advice and recommendations! I actually live in Chile (Santiago), so I was being overly cautious.... because we don't like people to spell this country "Chili" - go figure.... Can't wait!

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        Okay, that's just funny, I used to live in Santiago as well so you can see why I'm doubly sensitive.

        There are quite a few Santa Fe threads here so you should try a search as well. If you make it down to Albuquerque for a meal I really like Sadies and El Pinto is a favorite as well. I also forgot to mention my favorite breakfast place, Tecolote.

    2. If you like hot, do breakfast at Horseman's Haven and order the Level 2 chile. It's not on the menu - by request only.

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        Gracias a Usted tambien! Are there higher levels??

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          I'll try this again. For some reason the Chow Police nuked my response about Level 3 chile. They must've thought that it was off topic because I mentioned Level 3 instead of sticking with Level 2. It's tough to keep up with all the regs here.

          Anyway, I said that one night having dinner at the bar at Il Piatti (a dynamite Italian place in Santa Fe) the bartender mentioned a rumor that you could actually order Level 3 chile at Horseman's Haven! Yowza!!!!!

      2. Pasqual's is a great restaurant for any meal. Specifically for chile go for breakfast - huevos rancheros

        1. Guadalupe Cafe on Old Santa Fe trail, just S. of downtown is good, and their green chile is usually hot. Ask for extra for extra heat. The chicken relleno is a house specialty. Good people-watching too. Bienvenidos a Santa Fe!

          Cheers -- Pete Tillman

          1. I'm told by friends who live in Santa Fe that the Coyote Cafe is under new ownership and is not what it once was. I'd be delighted to learn my friends are misinformed, since the Coyote once served some of the best and spiciest food in Santa Fe.Twenty years ago Mama Garcia's in Bernalillo (still there?) served hands down the hottest food I've ever eaten - -hotter than even the hottest Thai and Etheopian.