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Jul 4, 2007 09:46 AM

Need Opinions on MV Restaurants

We're going to be on MV for a couple of weeks and I've been given a number of recommendations from a number of different people. Would love to hear Chowhounder feedback on any of these, as well as any of your favorites.



Newes from America

Outermost Inn

Sweet Life Cafe


And for lobster...Homeport or Net Result?

Also, what is the best fish/seafood market on the island?


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  1. Two weeks on MV will give you lots of time for sampling the food. I'll jump in here and respond to the ones you have listed. Just brief opinions.

    Alchemy, Atria and the Newes are all right in Edgartown. (Lure is also in Edgartown but a couple of miles outside of town.) Alchemy and Atria are known for good food and a fun atmosphere (lots of posts here about both) but I'd skip the Newes in favor of Chesca's or David Ryan's. The Newes is a small pub with your basic pub food but is nothing special. (If you like pub food and good beer, head over to Oak Bluffs and go to Offshore Ale.) My personal feeling is that the food at Atria is better than that at Alchemy, but Alchemy has its loyal following. Alchemy is nice for lunch or a quick, easy meal at the bar. (I've had good champagne by the glass and fresh seafood at the bar with friends.) Some wild and crazy socializing goes on at night when the bar scene takes over. It can be a lot of fun if that's part of the plan.

    I have not been to Lure in a couple of years and I think it has new owners since my last visit so I can't comment on it now. It has always struggled a bit with that location, however the food has always been good. Keep it in mind if you can't get into another place on a busy Saturday night. Maybe some others have been there more recently.

    The Outermost Inn is really a treat. Very beautiful setting with delicious food and views that you will treasure. BYOB. It's a long way out there, but if you have not been out to Aquinnah before, it is worth the drive. A special place.

    Sweet Life is in Oak Bluffs and has been a steadfast leader over the years in terms of outstanding food. You can not go wrong here. Try to score a table outside on a nice night which has a magical feeling due to the twinkling lights and offers a more relaxed, romantic environment.

    Lobsters- I am a big fan of Larsen's in Menemsha. (The Net Result is in Vineyard Haven and is owned by the brother of the owner of Larsen's. Great family.) They'll have it ready for you and you can go out to the beach to watch the sun go down. (Again, BYOB out here.) The Net Result is also great for delicious meals when you are in Vineyard Haven, including lobster, fried clams and sushi. Can't get much fresher. These are known as being the best fish markets on the island. (Try not to get into Vineyard Haven when the ferry is unloading, though. Traffic is a real pain.)

    I'll add a couple of other names- Cafe Moxie in Vineyard Haven, Lambert's Cove Inn in West Tisbury, Art Cliff Diner in Vineyard Haven (right near The Net Result and by far the best breakfasts on the island), the Beach Plum Inn in Menemsha, and Detente in Edgartown. Also, try the sandwiches at Humphrey's (three locations), the baked goods and take out at the Scottish Bakehouse on State Road in Vineyard Haven, and the egg rolls and spring rolls at the Farmer's Market in West Tisbury.

    Just try to make reservations, allow lots of time for parking if you are driving to OB or Edgartown, be prepared to pay and depending on when you go, the service everywhere can be appallingly slow. But you'll be on vacation, so you'll have fun no matter what. Have a good time.

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      I think mvi just about covered it, my only contribution would be muffins and fresh veggies and such at Morning Glory Farm and early morning coffee at Mocha Motts.

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        You got it, bluesman55. I should have included those. And I should have mentioned the Mediterranean in Vineyard Haven which I love so much that I had my 50th birthday dinner there not too long ago. Such good food.(Livetoeat, it is across from the Art Cliff and the Net Result.) I am getting hungry for some good MV food.