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Top Ten Roadside Food Stops Berkshires

TheSomervillain Jul 4, 2007 09:44 AM

OK any where on Rt. 7 or close Barrington to Williamstown
Give us your outstanding picks for street (simple) food
Clams, Rings, Burgers, Sausages (Dogs !) Masala Dosas, Shakes.
You get the idea
I'm not a Berkshire guy and I wind up with a Fribble at Friendly's
(I h a t e when that happens...)


The Villian

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  1. m
    mvi RE: TheSomervillain Jul 6, 2007 02:11 PM

    Ok, Villian. Are you saying between Great Barrington and Williamstown? Street food....Can you stop or do you like the drive thru experience? All the way up Rte 7? We have to keep you out of Friendly's and far from those Fribbles.

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    1. re: mvi
      TheSomervillain RE: mvi Jul 7, 2007 05:53 AM

      Looking for Great Simple food
      Mom & Mop cafes, clam shacks,
      burger/dog joints, ethnic food emporia, sit down / or / drive thru,
      not fine dining, not pretentiosus
      but just a selective list of a couple of favorites
      anywhere along that Berkshire fault line.

      Hounds ?? are you out there?

    2. m
      mvi RE: TheSomervillain Jul 9, 2007 08:42 AM

      I can't say I have been to all of these, Villian but here are a few right on Route 7 on the southern end of Rte 7 that may keep you away from the fribble. All seem to be in Great Barrington.

      Rte 7 Grill. BBQ place. Big cow out front.

      Bizallians. Just past the Big Y parking lot. Poor signage but a nice place for sandwiches, soup, etc.

      Great Barrington Bagel Co. Soups and bagels. Very good.

      Aroma. Indian food. Just before the Great Barringon police station.

      Baba Louie's Pizza. The best pizza. No comparison.

      Xicohtencatl Mexican Restaurant. Mexican.

      Aegean Breeze. Greek food.

      Shiro. Japanese- sushi, etc.

      Barrington Brewery. Beer and pub food. Good beer. Lots of people, noise, kids.

      1. d
        DMW RE: TheSomervillain Jul 9, 2007 01:23 PM

        Martin's is a good diner in GB at the top of Railroad Street. Not fine dining, definitely not pretentious. Always crowded, good food, and cheap - my favorite weekend morning breakfast joint.

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        1. re: DMW
          mvi RE: DMW Jul 9, 2007 01:39 PM

          The best for breakfast - agreed. I guess I was thinking directly on Rte 7 that was quick and easy for the Somervillain.

          1. re: mvi
            DMW RE: mvi Jul 9, 2007 01:57 PM

            Don't be deterred - it's just 1 block off the main drag :-)

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