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Jul 4, 2007 09:36 AM

Les Elysées du Vernet: best value in town

Just wanted to let everyone know that after having had the lunch menu at Les Elysées, I hereby pronounce it best value in town. Detailed review will follow but here's what I had for 59E:

Iced soup of melon with a mousse of pepper; well-served tourteaux with
a lobster gelee, lobster and vin jaune cream; a royale de foie gras,
araignée de mer, fresh almonds; a very well roasted canette breast
with peaches, foie gras, girolles, salsifis, and a cresson salad; a
positively delicious sorbet de caillé de brebis with olive oil and
vanilla; and then a modern style fraisier, light and sweet.

No revolution for sure, but man that was irreproachable and that was
cheap. They will do renovation work in August so I am ready to bet
that both prices and ratings will go up in september.

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  1. I'm going to "stay tuned" and hope you will report back in Sept. sounds like th is is going on my list for November!

    Merci bien!

        1. re: souphie

          Souphie, I read the second review on your blogspot--my French being of the high school variety, could you summarize your impressions? We will be in Paris the first week of April, and I'm researching gastronomic lunches, as dinner seems very expensive for euro-bashed Americans!

          1. re: whs

            The summary is that Chef Briffard is one of the three or four best in town, and definitely the one offering the best value. 64eur lunch menu. The staff is passionate, and there are great wines very affordable (let the sommelier guide you). There's summary, and mostly pictures, of a third visit available there: http://picasaweb.google.fr/jultort/Le...
            Given the level of lastering of chef Briffard with vegetables, early April should be a lot of fun.

            1. re: souphie

              Merci beaucoup, or as we say here in the ghetto, "you da bomb!"

              We're staying with friends in the 7th, and I've been reviewing old posts on this board. Any other "musts"? I see you like Regalade and l'Ami Jean...

              1. re: souphie

                I agree with Soupie and highly recommend Les Elysees. I had lunch there with wife and daughter on January 4, it was very, very nice. The staff and Mr Wawrzyniak were all very pleasant and helpful. The food is really great. I sampled the outstanding Iced soup of melon with a mousse of pepper, the tourteau crab, bresse chicken breast with mussels, fresh oysters served 2 ways. The sorbet de caillé de brebis with olive oil and vanilla is one of most delicious things I have ever tasted. Desserts were expertly crafted, and not overly sweetened. One interesting note here is the butter service, sweet butter mixed with seaweed and molded, very interesting and served with delicious breads. Never had anything like it! Chef Briffard is certainly a master. Truly a great value at 64 euro, I can't wait to return.

                1. re: mdietrich

                  well, you've all made me very jealous! it certainly sounds like a creative menu. i had one open dinner date to fill for an upcoming trip, and it fell on easter monday, which knocked les elysees out of the running. (i imagine le bristol won't likely disappoint, though...)

                  1. re: brian d

                    According to several web pages (like Bottin Gourmand, egullet) Chef Briffard moves on to Le Cinq at the Hotel George V.

                    1. re: Dodo

                      Indeed -- it just remains to be confirmed officially which is expected tomorrow. Yet another case of "enjoy it while it lasts". I mean there won't be the same kind of bargain when at the Four Seasons...

                      1. re: souphie

                        not the bargain, but the same great food, I hope, and perhaps good qpr, at any rate.

                        1. re: ChefJune

                          To ask the crass, nakedly commercial question: I have a lunch rezo at Les Elysees in early May. Should I still go?

                          1. re: zizouz

                            If chef Briffard is still there, absolutely. He was yesterday, he hasn't signed with the Four Seasons yet. I can tell you that he is as dedicated as ever to his restaurant.

                            1. re: souphie

                              So, it sounds like my reservation for May 7th should probably be changed? Shame, I was looking forward to this. I guess it gives me a good excuse to try Senderens instead.

                              1. re: hoiya

                                I would advise you to play it safe and have multiple reservations. If you go to Senderens, remember to read the user manual first -- meals there range from good to great, depending on what you order (my advice would be to have a bottle of German Riesling, the langoustines, the asparagus, the lamb, the dacquoise). Also be sure you're not put off by the original setting and the casual service (see pics on my public gallery for instance: http://picasaweb.google.fr/jultort).