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Jul 4, 2007 09:33 AM

Veggie places, Cosmic Cafe Closed

Today in the ASS, oops, I meant the AAS, Dale Rice has a column on the closings of several veggie places. One of those mentioned was Cosmic Cafe that was in the location of the former West Lynn Cafe. That was a good place. In fact, I was headed there tommorrow. Don't know why it closed because the food was tasty, well presented in a pleasing and unique setting. Too bad!

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  1. My friend waited tables there last summer and reports that the owner had been wanting out for a while. He apparently gave his staff less than a day's notice that he was closing up shop; I think they closed about a month ago? Galaxy Cafe is opening another concept in that space.

    We are running out of vegetarian restaurants in this town!

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    1. re: bookgrrl72

      We are running out of vegetarian restaurants in this town!

      Actually DR discusses that in his article in today's paper. He contends that there are still a lot of vegetarian options because so many places are adding these items to their menu. I don't find that many vegetarian restuarants that interesting because I am not a vegetarian but do like to eat that way occassionally because I feel it is the healthy way to eat. This one made you forget that you were not eating any meat. Same of Mother's inho, and maybe the place on E 1st, I can't think of the name right now

    2. I miss West Lynn Cafe. It was the only vegetarian restaurant in town that was actually *good*, and had the most affordable wine list in town. The Campus Oaks they sold for $14 a bottle is now available at Wink for nearly forty bucks.

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      1. re: tom in austin

        As I mentioned in my earlier post: the Cosmic Cafe has been replaced by a very nice Mexican restaurant, the Zocalo. It has many good vegetarian options.

        My favorite vegetarian place, the Nu Age, has also closed.

        The Sunflower is my current vegetarian-friendly restaurant, followed by Eastside.

        1. re: travisleroy

          I miss West Lynn immensely. Ohh their "paté." but I'd no idea that NuAge closed as well. When did this happen? It wasn't the greatest place in the world, but there was something about their spinach dish with the mandarin oranges and macadamia nuts served with the brown rice wrapped in banana leaves. The flavor of that single dish was the only reason I ate there - delicious and beautifully presented, if overpriced. I ate that about a month ago... How long ago did they close, travesleroy? That shopping center in Tarrytown has had real trouble keeping any decent restaurants. And this time it can't be due to the militant vegan woman who owns the place, right? Weird.

          1. re: femmenikita

            To the contrary, I think it has everything to do with the total nutcase shopping center owner in Tarrytown. I grew up there (early 60's) and watched her run every single decent enterprise who dared to serve any type of meat OR animal product out of the area. The Holiday House had been there since the early 60's and was a local favorite. Other victims are The Grocery (a cool little deli), Texas French Bread, Formosa Cafe, the lunch counter at Tarrytown Pharmacy, and Broaddus Chevron! Seems she refused to let them sell candy, pastries, or anything else with milk or eggs in it, so they finally had enough and moved on their own. I feel bad for the owners of Nu Age, but maybe this lunatic will get the message.

            1. re: gawain44

              Right, but wasn't NuAge a vegan restaurant? I don't recall having seen any items on the menu that would be considered offensive to a vegan, but then, who knos...Maybe she didn't like their soy sauce supplier or maybe she insisted that all the spinach come from local gardens...You're right, it has been said before on these boards but I will say it again, the woman is nuts! And I am all for humane treatment of animals, etc., have been a vegetarian on and off throughout life, but that woman needs to learn to live and let live. I too, remember the Grocery with fondness and those yummy Holiday House burgers. It's too bad... all the people in that nook of Tarrytown have now (within walking distance) is Food!Food!, a Starbuck's and a Seattle's Best.

              1. re: femmenikita

                Nu Age closed because the husband had a brain aneurism and died.

                1. re: curlykerry

                  Is that right? Well, i suppose that's a pretty good reason, isn't it? How sad... and for once the militant woman isn't to blame. Thanks for giving us the deets.

      2. I haven't been, but there is Casa de Luz which many people like...

        and other ethnic places like Swad Veggi Food, Curry in Hurry (bargan $5 meals) and Madras Pavillion. And Dog Almighty does anything on the menu vegetarian....and does it well. Oh, and Aster's has a nice selection of vegetarian items.

        We do need a more 'upscale' destination though. Hmmmm....

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        1. re: kitchenknife

          See, I was thinking we just need a *mid-range* destination. I can go to a place like Aquarelle, or Zoot, and get a vegetable tasting menu with wine pairings, or to Uchi and enjoy delicious seafood and vegetables, but I'm gonna pay about $150 bucks for it with tax and tip. Which is incredible to me because I recently had one of the most wonderful meals ever at Bouley (amounted to about 8 courses plus wine) for $90. Austin needs more mid-range places in general, but I would love to see a mid-range place w/a good veggie or veggie/fish option. I want to pay, say $35-$40 for my meal, and still have it taste delicious and receive great service.

          BTW, thanks for reminding me about Aster's, kitchenknife, been wanting to try it; anyone know if they serve wine there?

          1. re: femmenikita

            zoot's has an EXCELLENT vegetarian tasting menu. i'm not veg but my whole family is.

            1. re: femmenikita

              i think they had beer on the menu, but i don't remember wine. could be wrong though...

          2. I know it might sound odd to go to Hudson's on the Bend for a vegetarian plate...but it is sooo good there! Last time I went they served a savory flan alongside a vegetarian tamale and some yummy grilled vegetables. And Houston's also does a pretty good veggie plate.

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            1. re: curlykerry

              Don't forget Threadgills; they're famous for the meat loaf and chicken fried steaks, but you can put together a really good veggie plate with all those fresh vegetables, casseroles and salads that they have.

              1. re: gawain44

                i really like the steamed veggie plate at Hyde Park B&G. it's a big plate of steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and potatoes on a bed of rice pilaf. it comes with a cup of basil pesto butter and a tasty dinner roll. not exactly exotic but healthy-ish and satisfying. (and i got a cup of black bean soup to go with it)

              2. re: curlykerry

                My friends swear that Houston's has the best veggie burger in town, and some go so far as the best they've ever had. I know they make it in house (no ever present garden burger patties), but haven't tried it myself....I'm too much a sucker for meat.

                1. re: ashes

                  I went there once specifically for the veggie burger because I heard good things...didn't much like it. It was very sweet. I would rather my burger (veggie or otherwise) be savory. So when I go to Houston's for vegetarian, I stick with the veggie plate.

              3. It's almost hard for me to believe there are so few vegetarian options here in Austin. I miss Martin Brothers, Mothers and West Lynn. All 3 were partially responsible for me relocating here many years ago. Veggie Heaven on Guadalupe is an Asian option. Magnolia Cafe has some good vegetarian choices. But for a true vegetarian restaurant I guess Casa De Luz may be it now. We've been a few times but it's been a while.