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Jul 4, 2007 09:33 AM

Having a Party in Tel Aviv

We'll be in Tel Aviv in late August and would like to through a luncheon for my mom's 70th birthday. Guests would run around 40-50 people. Ideal location would be near the sea. Kosher is not required, but would be an added bonus. I have called most of the places in the old port. Looking to spend around 150 to 200NIS.

Can anyone recommend a place anywhere from Yafo to Herzliya.

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  1. try Margaret Tayar's Restaurant - 4 Retsif HaAliyah Shenei Street in Jaffa. Great food, great location overlooking the sea. you can check Frommer's review of the restaurant at A great place to celebrate your mother's 70th. Not sure if they're opened for lunch though.

    1. More possible sea-front locations:

      Fortuna Del Mer (Tel Aviv Marina) 03-5236730
      Manta Ray Tel Aviv( near Etzel house) 03-5174773
      Etzel Pini Bahatzer Jaffa, Goldman 6 St. 03-6822111

      My Recomended:
      Terassa (Ramat Yam 100 St., Herzelya, Near Acadia hotel) 09-9597100

      1. I would try Al Ha Yam in Herzliya Pituach - beautiful beachside location, good food. Another place nearby is the Sidon Beach Club right below the Sharon Hotel, very popular with locals in Herzliya. Very beachy. Then of course there's Roco, very trendy place with a beautiful location overlooking the sea, also in Herzliya Pituach.

        I personally don't like Margaret Tayar. Food is strange, very heavy on the garlic, and I like garlic. It's also a small place with a small kitchen, I'm not sure they could accomodate such a large party.