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Jul 4, 2007 09:13 AM

Guanciale in Toronto

Do any Chow folk know if there is a place I can obtain guanciale in the city? Preferably very downtown (ie, St. Lawrence Market, Whole Foods, Pusateri's) or close to Pape & Danforth? I've got a friend begging for authentic Carbonara, and all my research indicates I should definitely try for guanicale instead of bacon/pancetta, if possible.

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  1. Well, I have at home a very porky pork product, bacon looking but not smoked, that I bought at Maselli's on Danforth near Donlands. They make it themselves. I tried to find out what it was when I bought it, but the man serving me didn't have great English. He shook his head when I said pancetta. I did a little research and Guanciale is my best bet, but you should call them (many of the family do speak perfect English). I'm also not sure if they have it all the time.
    (416) 465 7901

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      Thanks! They do carry it, but require I order it in advance. My friend is making me make dinner tonight, so if I can't find guanicale in the next few hours, she's going to be stuck with bacon. It'll serve her right for being pushy. But Maselli's is a great resource for next time.

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        I'd call Diana Meats (1299 St. Clair West), 416-654-8222
        La Salumeria (2021 Yonge at Davisville), 416-486-8327
        or least likely
        Schefflers (St. L.), 416-364-2806

        Mario Pingue in Niagara makes it, I think, and supplies Cumbrae's, so call them too, but I don't imagine they have it on hand.

    2. Not that this will help the original poster, but this is the first google result when you search "guanciale toronto", so I figured I would add to this thread to help anyone googling that search term.

      I picked up some guanciale at Maselli's on Danforth yesterday. They had a bunch of them on hand, and didn't require any special order. It was nice and cheap too - $14.99/kilo. I got a good sized chunk for $5.50, cheaper than a tiny chunk of pancetta from Loblaws et al.

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        I wonder if it's homemade.

        I've had their prosciutto and it's delicious. Made in-house.