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Jul 4, 2007 09:11 AM

London Ontario Restaurant

Does anyone know the name of the Italian Restaurant that is across the street from the City Market (across from I think it's called Waldo's)? We had a great meal there the last time in London and I would like to go back. I thought it was Casa something but can't seem to find any such name on the London site.

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  1. La Casa Ristorante, 117 King Street, London, ON, Canada - (519) 434-2272

    Sunfest in London this weekend, good time to take a drive.

    1. If you want to try a new place in London - I really liked a restaurant - just around the corner from La Casa on Richmond called The Tasting Rooms. Its tapas style but the portions are pretty big. My boyfriend and I have big appetites and we didn't need more than 4 between the two of us. They also do a wine tasting pairing with the tapas - you get to try a few different wines that are matched to your meal - really nice and a fun experience. Just a suggestion!

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          Thanks for the rec, dontyuckmyyums. We have a party of 5 celebrating a big birthday in London and are now thinking of going to the Tasting Room for the event. Is there anything on the menu that you've tried and would strongly recommend?

          1. re: 11oclockish

            I've had a few too many poor meals at Tasting Room in the past two years. A great spot for a birthday in London is On The Fork. When making a reservation, make sure to ask for a window seat overlooking the river.


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              I had lunch at The Tasting Room yesterday. The Pan Seared Scallop salad featured Scallops that had Seared far too long in the Pan. Several tables that came in after we did were served before us. For a place that has a corkscrew in its logo, I was pretty disappointed to see one lonely Canadian wine on their list (an Angel's Gate Rosé). The glass of French Pinot Noir that I had was insipid, and easily bettered by anything from Flat Rock, Le Clos Jordanne, Coyote's Run, or Niagara College Teaching Winery.

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                We ended up at The Tasting Room and had a great meal. Service was excellent. Thanks for the rec.

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                  I'm glad you ended up enjoying your meal. I've only been once and according to the other chowhound replies I guess its a hit or miss kind of place? Either way I'm glad you had a "hit". Cheers.