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Jul 4, 2007 08:56 AM

Help! Need quick omlets near E42nd @grandcentral

I hope someone can HELP!!!
We are coming in for business on Sunday and Monday and need a quick breakfast before two LONG days. Preferably something "foodies" will like: meaning, non-greasy substantial food (omlets rather than pastries) :)
Hopefully this is not an outrageous request...
Thank you!!!!!!!

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  1. pershing square - 42nd/park - kind of a wannabe power breakfast scene. while the food is eh, the omlets are fine.

    1. dbBistro, on 44th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs., is 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's take on French bistro cuisine. They recently started serving breakfast every day, including Sunday. While I haven't done breakfast there, I have had dinner a couple of times and, needless to say, the food's excellent. You can view the menu on the website. Not exactly inexpensive but, in my view, what better way to start a long day of business-related activities than with what I'm sure will be delicious food.

      P.S. You couldn't bribe me to go to Pershing Square even if harrison is right and the omelets are o.k.

      1. Chez Laurence on Madison/38th. I only did takeout pastries but they do have a variety of omelet dishes. Maybe others will comment further or see reviews and menu at

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        1. re: fayth

          thank you
          all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
          she's looking for something on the quick-side and not breaking the bank-
          thank you thank you... i'm very stressed about finding something that my boss will like...

        2. I would try Cipriani Le Specialita - 42nd between Lex and Park. I have never tried their breakfast - but their lunches are outstanding. If you do end up going there for breakfast - please report back!!

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            thanks bacon bits ... i just checked out Cipriani Le Specialita website - they are only open monday through friday ... so i won't be able to report back- it sounds like it would have been perfect though. Thank you for the idea!

          2. This is certainly not a fancy option, but I have found myself in a similar situation to yours in the past (pressed for time and in need of a substantial breakfast near GC), and the breakfast cafe in the Grand Hyatt worked for me. It is a sit-down, full-service cafe in the lobby of the Hotel above the terminal. They did a decent job with my omelette and toast, and have a full menu for breakfast daily, I believe. The atmosphere is fairly corporate, and typical of large hotel lobby breakfast areas, for lack of a better description. If you are less concerned with proximity to Grand Central, and are more concerned with with the caliber of dining, perhaps you should look into the dining options at the better hotels in the area. In my experience, the vast majority of food options in the immediate GC neighborhood are really for on-the-go commuters or happy hour drinking. Good luck.