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Jul 4, 2007 08:33 AM

15 East Sushi

Hello all:

Last night I had a chance to dine at the Sushi Bar at 15 East, and we had a great time! Just a little background - 15 E. is the Sushi joint opened by the couple that brought us Tocqville, and the restaurant occupied Tocqville's old space.

We chose to eat at the Sushi bar and did the Omakase. The chef, as it turned out, was the same fella that we dined with when we went to Jewel Bako. He's very informative and educational as well - I think that's why we had such a good time.

The sushi was simply exceptional! Not your average sushi joint stuff but rather some very interesting choices. A few memorable ones include:

Poached Octopus (marinated in sake and thoroughly "messaged" in, according to chef)

Japanese Wild Bass (he shocked it in ice water before serving)

Lean Tuna (out of this world!)

Scallop Hand Roll with Spicy Nori

It was not inexpensive though. The food was at around $150 a head, and with the two bottles of wine and a bottle of Sake the check was quite hefty. But money well spent! Service was good, and very attentive. Again, it was the Chef that made the night special.

Highly recommended!

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  1. Cool...i haven't made it over to 15 East yet, but the chef Masato-san is the reason i was a regular at Jewel Bako (and i haven't been back there since he left)...i will check 15 East out soon...