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Jul 4, 2007 08:10 AM

Fresh Fish in Dupont Circle?

I've been in DC for over a year now, living in Dupont, and have been hard pressed to find a great fishmonger in the area, or otherwise Metro accessible (as I don't have a car) - an recommendations??

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  1. there really should be a better answer to this question, but the only one I'm aware of WholeFoods in Logan Circle. Quality is definitely good, price is not, and the "scene" drives me nuts.

    There's one in G-town, Cannon's I believe, which isn't too far (walkable from the south side though) from DuPont. But other than those, as far as I know, fishmongers are scarce in these parts (I live there too). Anybody else? Are the Eastern Market ones around during reconstruction? That used to be a good option...

    1. The Sunday Dupont market has a fish vendor that sells soft crabs and Rockfish. The is also a guy there that makes the very best crab cakes.

      Also check out Pesce on P street. They make sell you some of the fish out of their case.

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      1. The Maine Avenue Market is accessible by Metro but a little bit of a walk. Most of the vendors get their supply straight from local suppliers or the wholesale market at Jessup.
        Cannon's is very good but not cheap.
        Southern Maryland Seafood in the South Hall of the Historic Eastern Market on Capital Hill will reopen for business in August when the temporary East Hall is ready for occupancy. You will hear the cheers from their regular fans all over town. Check here for news of progress

        Captain White's Seafood City
        1100 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024

        Cannon Seafood
        1065 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007

        Southern Maryland Seafood Co
        225 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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          So Pesce sells fish (not prepared, that is)?

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            I have no idea. Pesce is one of my favorite restaurants but until SharonC suggested buying seafood there for home preparation I had never considered using them as a fishmonger.
            Pesce and Seacatch in Georgetown have IMO the freshest and most consistently well prepared seafood in town. Not to say that I haven't found some good stuff at other places but those are the ones that I always know I will be happy at.

            Has anybody bought fish or shellfish at Pesce?

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              They used to sell it; I no longer live in DC so I can't vouch for that info being current, but what they had and sold a few years ago was wonderfully fresh.

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            Cannon seafood has been ordered by a Federal Judge not to sell Rockfish, because the owner plead guilty to buying and reselling 90,000 lbs of poached rockfish. you can find the washingtonpost article on the web

          3. The crabcakes at the Dupont market are definitely NOT the best!

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              I bed to differ. Who has better? The Dupont market crabcakes are perfect -- 99.99% crab.