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Farmer's Markets in Scarborough

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  • dkua Jul 4, 2007 07:58 AM
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Does anyone know of any farmer's markets that are not in Downtown Toronto, one that close to Scarborough? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Here's what I believe to be a complete list.

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      The lone Scarborough farmers market listed is a compact affair that's heavy on crafts, but sells some organic food. As the listing states it's under the trees on the grounds of the local Anglican church, a block east of Warden on the north side of Kingston Road. It's been there for several years now. One ex-vendor who's set up her wares outside a store in the retail block just west of the market should be checked out. Nuala has been selling her baked goods to an ever-growing group of customers, even when the market's not in operation. In the winter she moves indoors to the store where she's rented space. Pies, buns, etc., all home made.

      1. re: Bob Catt

        Can anyone tell me:

        (a) which store Nuala is located at on Kingston Road

        (b) What days she is there.

        I stopped by the block west of the Anglican Church today (Monday) but didn't see any sign of her - lots of empty stores on that block !

        After seeing the movie "Waitress" I'm dying to get some good home-made pies !!!

        Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        1. re: MajorSlick

          A couple of weeks ago I saw her at the Friday market in the Anglican churchyard. I think the store she used to sell in front of on Kingston Road may have closed, or moved. I don't know if this will be her regular spot for the rest of the summer, or not. St. John's bakery is also at the market.

    2. The new Brick Works market is pretty easy to get to from Scarborough.
      If driving, take O'Connor to Pottery Road then south on Bayview. If taking the TTC, go to Broadview station and hop the free shuttle to the market.
      A note of caution - it is very small. Last time I was there were a handful of vegetable stalls, a place selling elk, some crafts, a stall selling breads, another selling coffee beans, and a few others. Maybe 20 stalls. But it was okay, especially if you just want to pick up whatever is fresh and in season with minimal hassle. There was one place selling hot breakfasts, too (I think only on Saturdays). Very, very dog friendly if you have a friendly dog you want to bring. You can also walk around the old brickworks, and they have different activities every week. Worth checking out.

      1. Depending on where you are in Scarborough, you might want to give Markham a try. They have a Farmer's Market every Saturday from mid-May to the end of September; it runs from 8:00 AM-1:00 PM. It's on Robinson Street, 2 lights north of Markham Road & Hwy 7. The Markham Main Street BIA has info on the market, how to get there, where to park if you're driving, etc; just point your browser to: http://www.mainstreetmarkham.com/

        Also, if you do have a car but you don't find what you're looking for at the Markham market itself, there are a number of local producers with their own shops/farm market stands fairly close by (either in Markham, or occassionally Stouffville); here's a quick rundown of ones I've seen check out:

        - Organics Family Farm - http://www.organicsfarm.ca/ - on Tenth Line close to Stouffville - yes, they're organic; the family running this one is also affiliated with the Applewood Farm winery.
        - Reesor Farm Market - http://www.reesorfarm.com/ - on Ninth Line a few minutes north of Markham; corn's their specialty when it's in season.
        - Chepack Country Market - no web site, but easily found on Canada411 - also on Ninth Line a few minutes north of Markham; a little of everything, including runny butter tarts.
        - Whittamore's Farm - http://www.whittamoresfarm.com - east on Steeles, about 6 km east of Markham Road - great variety in the market, with baked goods, as well as several pick your own options. As well, several of their preserves are available in no-sugar versions, which is nice to know if you have diabetic family members like I do.

        Good luck, and please do post a follow up if you come across any hidden gems for farmers market/fresh local food.

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          The Reesor Farm Kitchen storefront in Stouffville has really yummy prepared foods. Amazing molasses cookies.

        2. The Birch Cliff market in the churchyard on Kingston Road is small but appealing. Good advice about Nuala's baking! It's worth a visit just for that.

          Closer to Scarborough than the Brickworks market (though I'm anxious to check it out) is the East York market at the Civic Centre at Coxwell and Mortimer on Tuesdays. It has a much wider selection than Birch Cliff, and I believe the hours are longer. There is supposed to be a Sunday market at the corner of Birchmount and Kingston Road, but someone dropped the ball on this one as it doesn't seem to be in existence this year.

          I love Whittamore's but unless you happen to be close to the zoo, and/or have a car, it's pretty far-flung. Uh oh, I think I still have frozen strawberries from last year's visit ...

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          1. re: voracious

            I agree that Whittamore's more in the 'greater' part of the GTA, but it's closer to a lot of Scarborough than Downtown Toronto. If David has a car - or a friend willing to carpool - then this could be the ticket for a nice weekend outing.

            Now if only Whittamore - or York Region Transit - would think about doing a shuttle bus out there on the weekends....

          2. Someone mentioned woman named Nuala who sells pies etc. at a store close to the weekly market near Kingston Rd. and Warden.

            I would appreciate it if anyone tell me:

            (a) which store Nuala is located at on Kingston Road

            (b) What days she is there.

            I stopped by the block west of the Anglican Church today (Monday) but didn't see any sign of her - lots of empty stores on that block !

            After seeing the movie "Waitress" I'm dying to get some good home-made pies !!!

            Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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            1. re: MajorSlick

              Nuala only sets up for business on Fridays, winter and summer. Others have said that she's relocated to the farmer's market at the Anglican church for the summer, and also that the store she operates is closed. Last time I saw her there this was true, it was closed, but she'd seemed to have made an agreement with the landlord to locate inside the empty store in the off-season. But perhaps the store is taken over by a new tenant and Nuala may have to look for another locale, hopefully in that block of stores.