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Jul 4, 2007 07:18 AM

[HOU] Excellent Breakfast at The Egg and I

I've seen other posts about this franchise chain on other boards, but I am wondering if anyone else has ventured out to The Egg and I in The Woodlands for breakfast? The menu has a large variety of egg dishes (benedict, scrambles, crepes, omelettes, frittatas) and I was really impressed with my breakfast, the Traffic Jam egg crepe (with fresh spinach, diced bacon, portabello mushrooms, roma tomatoes, and creamy havarti dill cheese). Definitely not your average Denny's entree! Service was also fast and very friendly. I hope this franchise comes to the Dallas area soon, I'm a big fan.

For photos and full review, see: http://donnacooks.wordpress.com/2007/...

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  1. Yes, the one in the Woodlands in popular. Wife and I felt it was a bit overpriced, and potatoes had way too much garlic - - which is particularly bad in the morning. For a standard breakfast, there are better options. Good destination for something a little different. Agree on friendly service.

    1. seems like Le Peep would be the Dallas equivalent?

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        I've actually never been to Le Peep. Need to give that a shot.