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Jul 4, 2007 06:53 AM

Joe's Noodle Rockville

Has anyone been there recently? I know there was a change of chefs at the end of 2006- has the food improved? Good/Bad/Terrible/OK??

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  1. I think their food is back to where it was and in some cases better. THr food seems to be a little more carefully cooked. The spice level on the hot stuff if ordered "reglar" is a touch toned down but just as for it hot if you are a masochist like me.

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      We actually ate at Peking Cheers recently as that is where the old chef headed to. The food there was good, but, IMO, not as good as Joe's. We're hoping to hit Joe's in the next month or so to see for ourselves if it is better/worse/the same.