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Jul 4, 2007 06:33 AM

Cuban food in south florida...

We tried Versaille and found it to be very yummy and my bf LOVED the pork and the plaintains.

What would be other people's favorite cuban place (especially for the pork and plaintains but also for other specialty dishes they may offer like oxtail stew and such) in the miami or ft lauderdale area?

I went to Little Havana once for dinner back in 2005 but it was kind of sketchy and not sure its the best place to go for dinner but possibly safe for lunch?

Also, we passed by a big fancier looking restaurant near south beach area but over this highway bridge across from the south beach-side back in 2005...we stopped in at it but didnt eat there...looked like a large dining room--anyone happen to know the name of the place or if its any good?


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  1. My favorite is Casa Lario's in South Miami. There is a Lario's on Ocean Drive in SoBe but I am sure it is more expensive and I don't know if the food is exactly the same. The one on the beach is said to be owned by Emilio and Gloria Estefan. The vaca frita is my favorite at Casa Lario's in South Miami. They have great plaintains stuffed with shrimp creole. Try the mariquitas and the tostones (fried green plantains)

    My experience with Cuban restaurants has been that certain dishes are served on certain days. The oxtail stew may only be offered one day a week.

    Another outstanding cuban place is Nena's on Bird and almost US 1 but it is only for lunch and it is very rustic. Menu limited to daily specials except for Cuban sandwiches.

    Little Havana is not dangerous at night. There is a super great vietnamese restaurant just down the street from Versailles called Hy Vong open only for dinner. Real hole in the wall not many tables but if you get to Calle 8 super early that's the place I would eat. If you don't get the first seating the wait can be an hour long.