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Jul 4, 2007 05:49 AM

Mid-Cape, Thnx CapeCodGuy

What with the 'wiki-ness' of it all, sometimes its tough to find a voice to follow through the night.

So its with tremendous gratitude to CapeCodGuy--whose guidance proved invaluable--that I humbly report:

Fried Clams. Seven days, sometimes twice a day, offset mostly by slaw and onion rings, and fries when inescapable.
--Best: Sesuit Cafe, in the marina at Sesuit Harbor, Dennis. Also best onion rings, fries, cole slaw and water view; but cash only.
--All very damn good: Sir Cricket in Orleans--very good fish chowder too, Osterville Fish Too in Millray Marina in Barnstable--vg clam chowder too. Nickerson's Fish Mkt--Chatham Fish Pier.
--Just OK--Clem & Ursie's Provincetown.

Doh. Clams are no longer cheap.

Breakfast, Mid-Cape. Grumpy's-East Dennis. An excellent locally flavored classic diner. Go, eat home fries, linguica, sausage patties, eggs, homemade pancakes. Not so good--Keltic Kitchen... 'Home Fries' were tossed into old fryer oil whose reek preceded their arrival at the table by ten feet.

Oysters: The Oyster Company, Dennisport. Very nice people running a nice operation with great oyster happy hour and Sunday afternoon jazz.

Pizza: Palio's Hyannis. Exc thin crust (but not cracker crust) pizza.

Ice Cream: Cape Cod Creamery Ice Cream the hands down winner. Scooped at Osterville Fish Too and in one quart pkg at Petersen's Market in Dennis. Vg: Smuggler's Dennis. Ok: Sundae School Dennisport. Not ok: Kate's, Hyannis--nice staff but several tries yielded ice cream with a strong freezer taste. Need to return maybe a couple of weeks later to give it a fair shake.

Bread: Always, Pain d'Avignon out by Hyannis Airport.

Orleans Sat Farmers Market delivered wonderful Swiss Chard.

Many tries, but I totally failed at finding a retail fish market with anything other than filets on ice. Very frustrating as this made it impossible to accurately assess freshness...could not look at or sniff the gills, or check for overall stiffness. If I lived here, I'd buddy up to some day boats to get my fish, but as a visitor, its very tough.

Beer: Narranganset Amber Bock. Cheap--several bucks less than Sam Adams, excellent.

Thank you CapeCodGuy--great suggestions.

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  1. Steve, very nice report and thanx for the kudos....sincerely appreciate the acknowledgement. Surprised you had a bad experience at Keltic Kitchen for b'fast. Usually reliable for the early meal. Palio's for pizza is a on Cape by far. The best fish market by a landslide is Seven Seas by the Lobster Boat restaurant (avoid!) on 28 in So, Yarmouth. It's fish is fresh as can be, whole fish or not, and a good deal cheaper than most. It's not uncommon to have the freshest of steamers available for 2.99 a pound when others are 4.99. Super fresh cod, sole, sword, halibut, scallops and lobster meat is always available. Ice cream on Main St. Hyannis is a mixed bag. Some like Katie's, not to be confused with Kate's on 6A in Brewster, others not-so-much. I usually grab a cone at Ben &Jerry's with the knowledge that I can buy it at the grocery store for half the price. New York Super Fudge Chunk on a sugar cone.....yummy.

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      CapeCodGuy, what about Four Seas for ice cream? Not too far from Hyannis, good flavors, and a real "cape" experience.

      1. re: winedude

        I'm sure my response will cause many disagreements but I'm not a fan of Four Seas. The building's quaint, but I find the product far too sweet to my taste and I've never cared for the tiny bits that they call nuts mixed in to my favorite flavors like pistachio and mocha almond. I much prefer Smugglers in Dennis Village or Sundae School in D'Port personally. The Ojala Farm Pie Shop at the 6A end of Rte 132 in Barnstable had great gelato but, alas, they seem to have closed up shop this season.

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          I like Four Seas, though as much for the experience as the ice cream. Actually, my FAVORITE ice cream on the Cape is Highland Creamery, in North Truro right on Rte. 6. They have great, fun flavors with lots of stuff mixed in, and they make their own hot fudge, which gets serious bonus points from me. It's well worth the drive, if you're anywhere near there. They also have a "real" shave ice machine, just like the ones we saw in Hawaii, which the kids love.

          1. re: winedude

            We find 4 C's too rich ....We prefer Smuggler in Dennis Village.

            1. re: winedude

              Here's an update, drove out to Highland Creamery on Sunday, and they're CLOSED! A new ice cream place opened up in the same spot, it's pretty good, but not the same, alas.

      2. Couldn't agree more. Cape Cod Creamery has the best ice cream. IMO, Sundae School is so overrated! Leaving for the Cape in about a week and a 1/2. Cannot wait to stop by CC Creamery for my Monomoy Mud Pie, yummmm! :-)