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Jul 4, 2007 05:21 AM

Caja China for Roasting Whole Creatures

One of my fondest memories while living in Modesto was eating roasted pig with friends. I have Cuban friends who bought a caja china to roast a pig. Some of the most tender pork came out of this baby. Other friends (wife from Dominican Republic,husband Chicano) would dig a hole in the ground to roast their pig. Now that they have landscaped their backyard, I don't think this will happen anytime soon.

Childhood memories in Chicago include uncles roasting ribs in those "garbage can" grills.

For me nothing beats the taste of food grilled over charcoal or wood. Now relegated to two tiny weber kettles (I live in a townhouse development), I am looking for ideas to replicate these very ambitious cooking projects on the micro level.

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  1. Sounds like you need to roast smaller creatures.

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      No, I am not ready for Guinea Pig (delicacy in South America), possum or squirrel:)
      I was thinking of smaller cuts of the big thing.

      I grew up in a family that ate everything but the oink. Thinking of cheaper cuts of meat that could be made fabulous with grilling.