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Dec 5, 2005 02:23 PM

bakesale betty's rules

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I just ate lunch from Bakesale Betty's. It was great. They are so nice and generous. Amazing sandwiches: Egg salad, and Fried chicken. The chx sandwich was awesome, it had fried tender white meat and some sort of cabbage slaw with excellent olive oil on a great roll. done deal. they also gave me a complimentary baked good. maybe cuz we ordered two sandwiches and a chx pot pie for later. while I was there they were taking the pot pies out of the oven and the whole place smelled so good. I was there at 11:30 sharp and the place was filling up fast. Betty was making each sandwich to order and I could just tell how much care was going into each one. Did I mention the delicious olive oil. Apparently they serve different sandwiches each day in addition to the fried chx. Unforunately they had no soup today which was actually one of the reasons I was there, having read the CH posts about it. anyway way to go Betty!

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    Pius Avocado III

    I, too, just had the fried chicken sandwich and was going to post...this beauty is practically football-sized. The oil-and-vinegar slaw adds bright flavor, rendering mayo etc. utterly unnecessary, and includes bell pepper, red onion and parsley in addition to cabbage. And the chicken tastes like bona fide fried chicken (bona fride?).

    Apparently, the boneless skinless chicken breast is not inherently evil after all

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      Niki Rothman

      Where is Bakesale Betty's? I need to eat this delicious food ASAP.
      PS - cross streets, if you know them, would be great.

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        51st and Telegraph, Oakland, off hwy 24 if you're coming from the city. full contact info in threads further down

      2. "Betty" and her staff also deserve lots of credit for being incredibly welcoming and friendly to all of their customers even when they're really busy. No impersonal transaction here...they obviously love interacting with customers. It's one of the few places around here that reminds me of home (small-town Illinois). Of course, they don't make scones like that back there!

        1. Is there any seating or is it all take out?

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          1. re: SLRossi

            No seating, all takeout. I think at some point they may expand to have seating, but they're still finding their legs.

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              There are stools and a small table. Not the most comfortable, but there are usually a few people hanging out and eating in the bakery.

          2. I concur about the customer service -- now I have to go back for the chicken sandwich.

            I went for the Lamingtons, and ordered one, and then said "No, better make it two". The guy behind the counter asked why I changed my order. "Because my husband would never forgive me if they were yummy and I hadn't gotten him one."

            So, he packaged up two for me, and then gave me an extra on the house, "that I didn't have to tell my husband about" -- said with a wink and a smile.

            And they were so yummy I had to hold myself back from eating all three!

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            1. re: foodnut

              The pot pie is the best I've ever had. Huge chunks of fresh chicken (breast meat) and carrots. The sauce is too good. I'm afraid it must be a diet killer, but I'm not going to ask what's in it.

              Perfect for 4-5 people.