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Jul 3, 2007 10:33 PM

MIlwaukee Steak and B'fast RECS

Hi- Going to MKE for a baseball weekend and was looking for the best steakhouse in town with points given for liveliness as well. We are not looking for a somber place. We are staying downtown and would love a couple of breakfast spots as well, preferably close, though they need not be right downtown. Thanks Milwaukee.....

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  1. There are plenty of steak houses in downtown Milwaukee, but in my own opinion, only two truly stand out from those to be found in most other cities. Coeper's 5 O'Clock Club at 2416 W State St, and Butch's Old Casino Steak House at 555 N James Lovell St (the street between 6th St and 8th St). Neither are for people on a budget nor for people in any kind of a hurry. Both can be pretty lively.

    For breakfast close to downtown, I dont think you can do much better than Miss Katie's Diner at 1900 W Clyborn. They open at 7:00 through the week, 8:00 on Saturday & Sunday.

    Butch's & Miss Katie's have websites that you can view and decide for yourself. Coerper's doesnt, but there are plenty of reviews to be found on line.

    These places are all within minutes driving time from the downtown hotels.

    Enjoy your stay.

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      I second the recommendation for Coerper's 5 O'Clock Club. I went to Coerper's twice last summer, the first time as part of a bachelor-party-weekend that I planned, and it was really alot of fun. You may find better steaks here in Chicago, but you won't find a steakhouse that can touch Coerper's atmosphere/ambience. <smile>

      Erik M.

      1. re: Erik M

        Coerper's is great.

        For breakfast I highly recommend Benji's Delicatessen. Great Hoppel Poppel -scrambled eggs with salami, cheese, potatoes, peppers and onions. Outstanding cheese blintzes adn matzo ball soup as well.

    2. A dissenting opinion here! I would pick Yanni's on Mason or if you can get to the Burbs...Mr. B's in Brookfield. I do agree with Miss Katies though!