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Jul 3, 2007 09:46 PM

Espresso Beans

Where can I buy the best Espresso beans in town?

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  1. A lot of the better coffee places in town get their beans from Union.

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      Testing out the new place-linking feature for Café Union.

      Seems like there is a bug with accented words, unfortunately.

      Café Union
      148 Rue Jean-Talon W, Montreal, QC H2R2X1, CA

    2. Based on some earlier messages on this board that I found, I just tried a place called Terre. It's a bit out of the way (at least for me) but their beans are terrific. I'm afraid I can't remember the exact name but it was something-d'oro. It's supposed to be their best-known coffee. The place is up above the 40, west of St. Laurent, on Port Royal.

      Anyway, I ended up with some of that one as well as two others to test. I'm working on my first batch of the ... d'oro now and it's the best I've ever tasted. Wonderful crema, great color and it smells oh so good.

      The other place I've often seen recommended is Cafe Italia...somewhere around Jean Talon and St. Laurent. I plan to check them out as soon as I've gone through the beans I bought from Terre.


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      1. re: Eldor

        "Based on some earlier messages on this board that I found, I just tried a place called Terre."
        The name's Terra. And, yes, its espresso beans, especially the Goccia D'Oro blend, can be excellent. Too bad the store's so out of the way.

        Caffè ArtJava sells the vibrant Leftist blend from Gimme Coffee. Pricey, though. Don't know if Café Veritas is willing to part with its 49th Parallel beans.

        1. re: carswell

          Wow the place is out of the way but I will make the trip if the coffee is worth it.
          It seems Terra is just a street over from Marche Transatlantique,
          Carswell, would you say thier beans are better than Union's "Cafe Italia" Blend?

          Thanks for your suggestions Eldor & Carswell

          1. re: InterFoodie

            Haven't done side-by-side (or even week-by-week) comparisons, InterFoodie, so it's hard to say. There have also been reports of variations in quality at both Terra and Union (not surprising given that coffee is a crop, though some of the reports were pretty shocking). That said, when the Goccia D'Oro's good, it's really good. Whether it's worth the schlepp depends on any number of factors. If you're the type who buys whole beans and grinds them for each cup, who obsesses over your machine's water temperature and pressure, who shuns pressurized portafilters, who times his extractions and who drinks a lot of straight espressos (as opposed to milk-based coffee drinks), then it's probably worth seeing whether the blend is to your taste. If you aren't, it's probably not going to make that much difference.

            1. re: InterFoodie

              Coffeegeek is reporting that Old Montreal's Café Veritas is selling 49th Parallel beans. Also, the excellent Intelligentsia beans are about to be sold in Montreal for the first time. See

              1. re: carswell

                Carswell, thanks for your feedback.
                I am serious about my coffee some might say a little too serious.
                Nice straight shot does it for me everytime and I'm thankful we have soo much great coffee in this town.
                I will keep watching the posts and try out the suggestions.

                Once again many thanks to all the posters

          1. re: carswell

            There are 3 places that sell great espresso blends. Caffe Art Java (Gimme coffee), Veritas (49th Parallel roasters) and Caffe in Gamba (Intelligentsia). I have yet to find a local roaster remotely approaching the quality of these 3 roasters.

            I suggest you try out: Leftist (Gimme), Epic (49th Parallel), Black Cat (Intelligentsia) and Kid-O (Intelligentsia). They each have their own character, so you'll just have to try them out.

            Ask for roast dates because espresso beans deteriorate very quickly. They usually peak around 4-10 days, then it's all downhill. I don't keep any beans older than about a month.

          2. I would recommend Cafe Santé Veritas, they have the 49th parallel "EPIC".
            This is truly good beans.

            1. Tried some very fresh Black Cat Intelligentsia from Caffe in Gamba and loved it. We usually get our beans from Cafe Union on Jean-Talon. Their Bar Espresso blend is very good and a pretty good deal at 9$ a pound.