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Jul 3, 2007 08:36 PM

New burger place in Queens

A new burger joint opened yesterday next to Pita Hot on Main Street. Anyone eaten there yet?

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  1. i just ate there last night. it is actually connected to pita hot, so presumably it is the same owners as pita hot.
    i ordered the k burger (the regular hamburger) it was actually really good. they make the food in front of you so you can tell them exactly how you like it. it was a bit warm in the store and lust like every other restaurant on main street, it took forever to order. a friend of mine told me that it is either a division of burger's bar or just modeled to look like one with similar menu items. i haven't been to the burger's bar in the five towns yet but it looked like similar designs from when i passed by it recently.
    hope that answers ur question!

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      Just did some take-out there. Burger was pretty good, a little overdone though. Hamburger roll was large and fresh, and toppings and sauces were really good.

      Two problems though.

      1. Service is atrocious, just like Pita Hot next door.
      2. Price- $7.00 for a fully loaded burger isn't terrible, but $3.00 for french fries and onion rings? You got to be kidding.