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Jul 3, 2007 08:33 PM

Calgary - best Black Forest Cake

My birthday next week will not be complete without an awesome black forest cake, and one of those big slabs from Costco just won't do. Any recommendations for bakeries or restaurants that might have a good one. I'd ideally like to pick one up for at home, but if there was a place that serves a good one we'd consider that also. My mouth is already watering...

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  1. Manuel Latruwe on 1st st SE, is IMHO the best pastry/baker in town. Always loved his cakes!

    1. Why don't you try Brulee Bakery? They've always had very fantastic cakes that have wow'ed people every time I've seen them served.

      I've never been disappointed with them and both my family and others I know have used them each time making a definite impression.

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      1. re: foxyfreckles

        I second Brulee for their cakes (although I have yet to try a Black Forest). Call them up and ask.

        Manuel Latruwe is also excellent, but you might want to check that they are open - I can't remember, but I thought they were closed for 10 days in July sometime...

        1. re: ybnormal

          I would have to say Nectar is the next best dessert place in the city, all ingreidents are prepared there including the cheeses and sorbets. It may be a bit expensive for some of you but worth it, check it out next time your aropund Inglewood. Oh and for the record no Black Forest cake there

      2. Edelweiss Village in NE has the best black forest cake ... not the best cake, but the best black forest cake. What about Yamatoto on Centre?

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          I recently had the black forest cake from Yamato , they do incredibly decadent cakes, but I like more of a traditional black forest cake, I found theirs to be a bit dry.

        2. We ended up going with European bakery on 17th AVE SE. Not bad, a little skimpy on the cherries though. Will try another place next year, I had another friend recommend Edelweiss villlage as well, so I'll give them a try.

          1. Here's another vote for Edelweiss for their Black Forest Cake.
            In process of trying to bake one myself today. Brought back Kirsch soaked cherries from the UK a few months ago and am finally putting them to their intended use!

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            1. re: laserguy

              Is there any place here in Calgary that does the true Black forest cake like the one that is served in the Black Forest.

              1. re: Bavin

                Guenther's on 17th Ave SE. the closest I had in Calgary.

                1. re: worldwidestuff

                  Not to hijack the thread, but how about Edmonton? Any Edmonton bakery that makes one that comes close to the cake served in and around the Black Forest area?