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Le 14 juillet.. Bastille Day! (where do i eat?)

because i feel like celebrating another nation's independence day....can you reccommend to me a cute, delicious, authentically french cafe/bistro/restaurant to go to in celebration of le jour de la bastille? i live in west LA, but know that one must travel far for good food in this city.

...Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité!

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  1. you could just celebrate flag day in this country and have hamburgers and hot dogs!

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    1. Frenchy's Bistro in Long Beach is consistently excellent. The Tarte Tatin is wonderful and they make the caramel sauce. Ask for extra.

      Also in the LBC - specifically Belmont Shores, Le Creperie - had lunch there today, Moule Frites. Yummy. They have live music and the place is always packed. Second street in the shore is a great place for eating and shopping. there are still great independent upscale boutiqes besidesthe usual Gap and Banana Republic. Great outdoor seating by please beware that smoking is allowed at the outdoor tables. The owner Patrick is rude and obnoxious, and at the same time totally charming. So it definitely has an authentic French vibe.

      I also enjoy Lilly's on Abbot Kinney in Venice.

      1. MIMOSA on Beverly Blvd just west of Fairfax,
        that's where we're going after watching

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          Well, last year a friend and I did Mimosa for 14 de Juillet, and must say we were MOST disappointed. We walked across Crescent Hts. to Pastis, and the only language being spoken was French, and the party was just starting at 10p.m., meaning second serving. It continued on throughout the night. Mimosa closed up shop at 10, shortly after we left having had the most disappointing meal and service imaginable. Truly dreadful and never to be repeated experience.
          I have already made dinner reserves at Pastis and you should too.

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            I am going to Mimosa too that night - I think that it's going to be very busy there (that's the sense I got when I made my reservation earlier this evening).


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              It will be busy until around 9:30 and then everything died last year.
              And the food and service died much earlier.
              Most all employees at Pastis are French and thus the experience is much richer.
              And the food much better.
              If Mimosa turns out that way for you, walk or drive the two blocks west to Pastis, and at least have a glass of champagne or beverage of choice after dinner and you will get my thought.

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                I went early tonight since I used to work in restaurants and I just naturally avoid them when they are busy. I left at 9 pm so don't know when it died but yes, service did get a little harried long before then. Was much better than last year's fiasco at Cafe Stella.

                Overall it was a lovely evening but you piqued my interest and I think that I will try Pastis next year!


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                  And I went to Pastis last night, had a superb duck entree while companion had of all things, swordfish, which does not sound very French, yet was very good. A great bottle of 2003 Pignan Chateauneuf du Pape, the complimentary glass of champagne as you sat down, two desserts, and much activitiy all night until we left around 10, when a whole new group of people were starting to arrive. The patio was greatly extended for last night, and it was packed with mostly 20somethings, about half of whom were speaking French.
                  Just the typical party at Pastis. Roman, the new manager, really handled things well, given the frenzy of the place.

          2. La Cachette... or come up to the Valley (yes, that's right, I said it, so there!) and go to Mistral.

            1. Not in your neck of the woods but I love Cafe du Village in Larchmont Village by Hollywood. Very casual w/nice patio outback- bring your own wine as they don't have any but that's a plus as there's no corkage fee. Cafe Stella in Silverlake is very good but pricey and tough to get a table (also much further away for you)

              1. The Frenchest (most French?) place I've been hanging out in recently in LA is the cafe The Little Next Door on W. 3rd (just west of Crescent Heights). Many of the wait staff are French, many of the customers are French, the almond croissant is the best I've had in LA, and the rabbit terrine is perfect. They have created a very good simulacrum of the South of France there, right down to the waitstaff uniforms. I don't know if they are open at night, have only been for breakfast and for lunch. But you could get into the spirit earlier in the day. I'm not a fan of Pastis or Mimosa, but would definitely pick Pastis over Mimosa. That said, Mimosa's sister resto, Cafe des Artistes can be romantic, if not terribly great for food (I had a good cassoulet in the winter).

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                  Second the rec for LITTLE NEXT DOOR. Ate lunch there for the first time on Friday and loved it. They are open daily from 9AM to 6PM. www.thelittledoor.com

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                    is it that good? a beet salad for $16 and tomato soup (albeit heirloomers) for $14?
                    Or should I figure I am saving the airfare?

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                      I think you read the menu for the restaurant, I was recommending the cafe, which has very different vibe and pricing. There are two different menus, two operations.

                2. Boule is having a special Bastille Day event.

                  But, be warned it's on July 13 (not 14) ... go figure.


                  1. Uh, looks like Bergamot Station? http://www.bastilledaylosangeles.com/

                    Taix does a Bastille Day special http://www.taixfrench.com/

                    Cafe Marly and Boule also celebrate with goodies

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                      If you want to hang out with Francophiles, Taix is the place. You should make reservations. It's popular with the regulars!

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                        Isn't it interesting that the much panned Taix is a favorite of the "real" French in LA? I agree that the food is nothing special, but the wines are, and there is not an overpriced item in the place. The place is comfortable though far from elegant, soups and sides are hearty and competent, the mains are honest and just fine, and you always leave satisfied, if not blown away. Maybe "real" French expats want something other than glitz and cutting edge for dinner.

                      2. A good idea for various National celebrations is to ask the nearest Consulate's office (so easy to-do with the Internet); and for July 14th the largest celebration in the Western U.S. of A. (according to them) is going to be in Santa Barbara:


                        Smaller soirees in the L.A. area:


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                          Bistro de la Garre in South Pasadena. I'm assuming this is an excuse for good French food and not a political statement?

                        2. ..at that most French of places: "Philippe's, home of the original French Dip" with "au jus sauce!" :-)
                          If you want to come all the way down to Orange County, try Pescadou in Newport Beach, on Newport Blvd. French owners, French chef, charming French servers. I highly recommend the Bouillabaisse!

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                              If you come down to OC, another option would be La Vie en Rose. Though I didn't see it on their website (lavnrose.com/index.php ), I received an email saying that they'd have a special menu for 07/14.

                            2. Bit of a drive, but if I still ate meat I would go to Le Chene in the "middle of nowhere" surrounding Santa Clarita. Great Basque food! Not for vegetarians :-( Small, intimate environment.

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                                Did you say "Basque food"? I wasn't aware that Le Chêne served Basque food -- I thought the only Basque in the area was in Chino.

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                                  They do have Basque dishes! The owner is actually Spanish but raised partially in France, partially in Spain.

                              2. I ended up at the Little Next Door, where i enjoyed a bastille day tres magnifique. I ordered a gruyere, tomato, and ham crepe from the "Bastille Day menu". my friend (a vegetarian) ordered a ratatouille crepe. we split a caramel-chocolate mousse for dessert and each enjoyed a drink composed of french lemonade, grenadine, and blanc de chambly (yummy, fizzy, AND pink). We sat outside on the sunny patio where a quartet played french music and a woman played an accordion. This place will likely become a new hangout of mine- it was such a pleasurable, relaxing dining experience. Thanks everyone for their recommendations, I will have to try Taix, Pastis, Lily's, Mistral, Cafe du Village, Bistro de la Garre, Cafe Beaujolais...etc, etc...as they all sound wonderful. Thanks again!

                                1. I recommend Madeleines Restaurant & Wine Bistro in Pasadena. They are offering a prix fixe menu for Bastille Day. Wonderful food. Great ambiance. A real treasure! I love the wine bar and the outdoor patio.